Water: How Much and Can You Drink Too Much

Happy Tuesday! So quick update, I plan on changing my posts to be Tuesdays only. The Tuesday/Friday thing was just getting to be too much and I would usually get busy for Friday and forget to post. So post of the week – water consumption. How much water are you actually supposed to drink?

There are numbers and statistics everywhere! 8 glasses of 8oz water a day. Half your body weight in ounces. 75% of your body weight in ounces. Your entire body weight in ounces. How do you know what to do?

Here’s my philosophy: water is very important for overall body function, wellbeing, etc. Being hydrated helps with your skin, organ function, everything. So drinking water and being hydrated is important.

Now you CAN drink too much. You can literally drown your organs lol (not really a lol for funny more for awkward).

So here’s what I do. For every glass of soda or iced tea, I will drink an equal number of water. Great start! I currently drink about 70% of my body weight in ounces. Now, in the beginning (and sometimes currently) I go to the restroom a lot. Like…a lot. Like at least twice an hour 😂 but you get used to it for the most part.

Drinking 70% of my body weight in ounces hasn’t been terrible. I have one of those jugs from Ozarka that I drink throughout the day. Then I’ll refill before I leave work and drink the rest of it for the rest of the day.

I’m being lazy and don’t want to link any of the information I’ve read, so google how much water to drink 😂 but for real, here’s a list of a few reasons to drink water:

– It keeps your skin healthy and looking young

– It regulates your body tempature

– It flushed out toxins

– It decreases fatigue

– It helps you burn fat

– Your brain is 75% water


Have a great week!

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