Motivation: Remembering Why You Started

Happy Tuesday! I have been back and forth with my motivation probably the last 2 months. I will do really well with eating and exercising during the week, then the weekend hits and everything goes out the door. I don’t eat as well, I don’t do my long run or go to the gym. And then, come Monday I’m back where I started. I usually lose motivation easy, kind of always have. I find some sort of excuse to use for almost any reason not to do what I need to do. But one thing that helps me get back on track – think of why you started this. I have many reasons as to why I started my health journey and I’m going to share them! Maybe writing them down again will help boost me for a few days.

Why I’m getting healthy:


I’m clinically considered severely obese. Ya know that little chart that has weight, age, and height? I hate that chart 😂

I have a fatty liver. Mainly from medicine, but one of the best ways to get rid of a fatty liver? Lose weight.

My vitals (other than being obese and fatty liver) are fine. But I know that won’t last. I have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancers, etc. on both sides of my family. So, clock is literally ticking and I don’t want to wait till times up.


I want to be able to compete in a full marathon some day. I can barely do a 5k 😂

I want to be more active for my nieces and nephews. I don’t like getting tired easily when playing with them.


So societal means every day life around people.

I don’t like being the biggest person in the room. I’m still self-conscious about it (even though I imagine no one thinks of it). I also hate that person that says stuff about big people but doesn’t realize that I actually fall into that category and it makes me a little uncomfortable.

Clothes. I have come to love some of the big and y’all section but boy would I love to not pay an extra $2-$3 per item. And I don’t know, maybe but something off the regular rack every now and then.

These are my motivators – I forget about them sometimes and need to not. What are some of your motivators?

Have a great week!


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