It’s All in Me

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all are having a great week so far. So I had a completely different topic planned today but changed it because I had one of those drive-home-epiphanies. Yesterday as I was on my way home from work, I was jamming music like usual. I have been wearing out the MammaContinue reading “It’s All in Me”

Water: How Much and Can You Drink Too Much

Happy Tuesday! So quick update, I plan on changing my posts to be Tuesdays only. The Tuesday/Friday thing was just getting to be too much and I would usually get busy for Friday and forget to post. So post of the week – water consumption. How much water are you actually supposed to drink? ThereContinue reading “Water: How Much and Can You Drink Too Much”

Motivation: Remembering Why You Started

Happy Tuesday! I have been back and forth with my motivation probably the last 2 months. I will do really well with eating and exercising during the week, then the weekend hits and everything goes out the door. I don’t eat as well, I don’t do my long run or go to the gym. AndContinue reading “Motivation: Remembering Why You Started”

Learning a thing from Podcasts

Happy Friday! This week for some reason, I have been very in to podcasts. Like…weirdly into podcasts. I always thought podcasts were weird because it’s radio but like not. But I started listening to a few fitness related ones and have really enjoyed them! I bring this up because I heard something on one ofContinue reading “Learning a thing from Podcasts”