Keto Diet – Day 5ish

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all have had a great start to your week. Most people are back in school which is exciting. Today’s topic I’m going to talk about my Keto journey so far. Now, I’ve done Low Carb before but I had to do some research on Keto. It’s the same with slight differences in that you are purposefully eating more fat, not only omitting carbs. Now I titled this Day 5ish because I started last Monday but had a poor last half of the week, so today would be Day 5 lol.

There are macro calculators out there which I still don’t quite understand because they all tell me to still eat a large amount of carbs but whatever. So I use MyFitnessPal and switched up the goals of the macros: Daily Carb Goal – 10%, Daily Fat Goal – 55%, Daily Protein Goal – 35%. So far it’s working pretty well! I did have a bad weekend so I’m not going to discuss that but I feel different, which I didn’t expect this quickly. When I used to do low carb, I typically felt a little sluggish in the beginning. The first few days my energy levels were low because my body was trying to adjust to not have quick fuel from carbs. But with this, I have almost felt more energy and a little more alert than normal. I definitely don’t need my coffee in the mornings (I still typically get it) and I don’t have any tired moments throughout the day. I still have energy to workout but when it’s 9/9:30, my body is wanting to hit the hay.

One thing I realized that is extremely important for keto (and any diet) is to prepare your meals as much as you can. Bring your lunch or choose the same chicken and veggie option daily because it’s difficult to truly choose keto items and stick to them if you don’t plan. Also, snacks are your friends!! I can’t go without an afternoon snack around 3 or 4, typically all fat (fat bombs are amazing), which then helps me with my workout πŸ™‚

One of the good side effects of keto or diets similar to this, is that you typically drop weight quickly in the beginning. This is great for me because running with less weight is the goal πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Have a great week!

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