Healthy Habits

Happy Wednesday! How is it only Wednesday? Ha. This week has been brutal. It’s been a busy couple of days since we last spoke but I have a newfound energy lately that has been real weird. Anyway, so this week I got to thinking – even with losing weight and trying to eat better, has my mind changed and lifestyle changed to be more healthy? 

I was looking for apartments last weekend since my lease is coming up soon. And one of the factors I kept using for decision was walkability with my dog. Now, you may not think that’s that big of a deal. But for me it is. I was thinking about my every day life but having more of an active element. The apartment I chose is connected to a walking trail and has a really pretty pond to walk around. I would have NEVER even considered that in the past. Another factor was availability of food nearby. But, not like fast food McDonald’s or anything (which it is near). But substantial food that I could be healthy if need be.

I take these as small wins! I’m not saying I’m the absolutel healthiest person in the world because I definitely am not, and have really kind of fallen off the wagon lately, but it’s non-scale and non-diet decisions I’m making for overall health. 

Have you noticed any changes in your overall habits? Comment what they are below! 

I hope you all have a great week – March is right around the corner. I have some exciting updates coming mid-end of next month so stay tuned 🙂


*also I don’t own the image it just made me laugh* 

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