Feeling Fat

Happy Wednesday! Can you believe we are over halfway through with February? Time has been flying now that I’m not traveling haha. Although, it flew faster while I was gone. ANYWAY, I gotta get real with y’all today. I feel fat (sing that in your head like I feel pretty).

One of the downsides to doing keto is that if you have a cheat meal or cheat half day, you gain back a decent amount of weight – quickly. Saturday night, I had some foods that weren’t 100% keto (salad with a taco shell, chips and queso, maybe some dessert 😊). But since it had been a while, I swelled up a little and I was not happy with my scale the next day. Now this week, I have been much better. Haven’t really gotten to work-out just because how busy my days have been after work and the weather. But I feel almost back at square one this week.

And it makes me remember how important your mental game is with weight loss (or gain). Your body will go through so many ups and downs that your brain has to be corrected to not completely take it out on yourself by over eating more or thinking bad. And it’s hard – my old ways would be to get super upset and either overeat (and make myself more unhappy) or go and over workout (and risk hurting myself). But your weight journey is not a sprint (even though keto makes it that way sometimes). It’s very much an obstacle course triathlon on steroids.  And you’re crying.

I’m training for my run in March, kinda. I haven’t really run yet but I have been walking with Sara about a mile or so twice a week so trying to get my body used to moving. Mix that with gym workouts and I should be good right? I have to get outside soon though to start running or I may die.

Don’t forget to donate to my cause or join me on the 23rd! Both links are below:

If you would like to participate:


If you don’t want to run but would like to donate to the cause, you can do that here:


Also, here is a picture of my dog since today is Love your Dog Day!

Have a great rest of your week everyone!


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