Vacation’s All I Ever Wanted

Are you going stir-crazy on this quarantine/social distancing? Me too!

What an interesting few days from my last post. SO much has happened…SO MUCH. Let’s see, COVID-19 has infiltrated the US and we are all on volunteer lockdown and social distancing. As an introvert, this is my dream. I was enjoying a good semi-quarantine on my vacation last week and I maybe saw one person a day. Loved it. But now I’m kinda going insane haha.

I haven’t really talked about this other than with my family, close friends, LinkedIn, and the Facebook group I’m a part of but on Friday, 3/20 I was laid off from my job. I work in the hotel world and we have taken a huge hit from the COVID pandemic. In the beginning we were losing money faster than we were making it but it didn’t look too bleak. But due to ongoing changes mixed with local and state restrictions, they closed one of my 2 hotels and then laid almost everyone off. I can be called back to my position should the business levels increase but that could be 6 months or longer. Since I was on vacation, I was told about this over the phone which honestly is so much better because I would not have wanted to cry in front of everyone. Because, cry I did.

Me being the anxious person I am, I submitted my application for Unemployment Benefits on Friday which took forever. Friday was the day most of my industry people were laid off so the website was pretty overwhelmed. I also immediately started applying to hourly jobs that I know are in demand (Target, grocery stores, delivery options, etc.). I have heard back from Target and told them I can do anything they need me to do because making $13/hour is better than $0/hour. I also posted that I’m looking for a job on LinkedIn which has really opened some opportunities for me – love the LI community! Everyone who knows me knows how active I am on there and now you know why 🙂 And then I started applying to jobs on Indeed that have *urgently hiring* listed on the posting.

But I’d like to talk about how I’m handling this. As someone who has anxiety and depression, it’s a Godsend that I’m medicated. AND that I just filled my 90-day prescription this month – I’m losing my insurance on 4/1 and the medication is $80 with insurance for the 90-day so I definitely won’t be able to afford non-insurance medication. It also helps that during my vacation from work, I stopped being on social media to help some of the extra anxiety that I was getting from the doom and gloom. But, you want to know how I’m doing? Okay. Not I’m-doing-good okay and not I’m-doing-bad okay but, okay.

I have never experienced a crisis like this before nor have I been laid off from a job. There are feelings surfacing that I have not ever had to deal with before or in a long while. After crying post-lay off call, I got really upset and hurt. Which turned to being pissed. I understand that no one can control what’s going on but I can guarantee you that my owners and management company higher-ups still have their jobs. Which, fine – whatever.

I’m mad at my hotel. I’m mad at the industry. I’m mad at the world.

While I’m feeling sad and angry, I am trying to find some inkling of a silver lining. One instant thought I had was, “hey, you’ve been trying to get out of the hotel industry for a while so maybe this is it” ha! I’m grateful that I never tried to start that at-home bakery a few years back. I wish I would have finished my Udemy and HubSpot Courses – which now I can because I have ALL OF THE FREE TIME IN THE WORLD. Another thought, as a eco-friendly person, was that this is really helping clear up and stop some of our waste going on because planes aren’t flying, people aren’t driving, etc.

What happens next? I have money for a few essential bills for the next month but I’m slashing all of my credit card payments, loan payments, etc. (and most companies are being gracious on this). Rent is fine but do I tell my apartment complex that I can pay April but I have no idea about May? What is that timeline threshold on telling a bill that you can’t pay? What if I get a job before May (optimistically)? Unemployment payments are max of $456 weekly (which is nothing to what I was paid) and who knows what I’ll get approved. I am lucky because I have family that will help should it come to that. They have already offered assistance should I need it.

And let me say this – I am by NO MEANS the worst-case scenario. I think about all of my hotel’s housekeepers, front desk agents, bellmen, coffee shop and restaurants workers who just lost their jobs and have no where to go either. I at least have my family to fall back on but most of these people are the solo or one of the breadwinners for their family. My heart breaks.

I see people on LI and Facebook talk about “staying positive because we will bounce back” but what if we don’t? What if people become homeless because of this? At this point, I want to get into an industry that I will NEVER have to worry about job cuts again. So…healthcare? Hmmm…

I didn’t mean for this to be a sad or rant post but it has kind of turned into that. I will say this, I love each and every one of you. I love and appreciate my friends who have and are checking on me. From someone who never asks for help nor is comfortable doing it, thank you.

I will continue to try and be positive but it’s rough – especially when you factor in our leaders who keep arguing about the money they are going to give us but at a cost.

Coming up this week – cheap and easy recipes! Since the grocery stores are hit and miss (except, go to non-American stores like Asian, Indian, Mexican Markets. They still have A LOT of stuff and no one is going to them), I want to give you good, easy, and cheap recipes to keep you tied over during the quarantine. Up first will be my favorite bread recipe from Julia Child. Keep an eye out!

Anyway, I hope this is over soon because my new plant (it looks like a snake plant but it’s different?) that was talking behind my back is now my friend and we are Mean Girl-ing one of the succulents.

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