Getting Used to the New Normal

Hello everyone! I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who commented on the last post and reached out to me since then. I really appreciate all of your comments and love coming my way.

I didn’t get around to posting my recipes because I kinda got into a funk. Tuesday, I picked up a shift with ShiftSmart at the Ryan High School in Denton. We packed lunches for the kids in the district which was a lot of fun. It was nice to get up and be around people and honestly, it was nice to be in a commercial kitchen again! But from someone who had a decently sedentary job, ya boy was tired from standing all day! And I didn’t go back because my body hurt haha. Which I think got to me a little on the fact that I was out of shape for manual labor? Which led to my funk. Also, I went and picked up my last check from my job along with cleaning out my cube since I was on vacation when we got laid off. And that really did a number on me. It was very FINAL. Like, I drove away from that knowing that I will probably never go back (even after this is all done). And it was so great to see the ones I hadn’t seen in awhile that were working but you can tell they are tired and stressed too. When I went to pick up my stuff from my cube, there were only 3 people in the office (the only ones left really) and it was just…weird. There was a huge elephant in the room and we all knew what it was (they had jobs and I didn’t) and it was weird haha. Then add in the fact that they messed up my last check…my emotions were everywhere. That whole instance really did a number on me.

When Saturday rolled around, I had a weird burst of energy. I didn’t sleep at all the night before and had maybe 3 hours but I was up all day and doing stuff: cleaning, dishes, laundry. I even cleaned my ceiling fans. Y’all…I NEVER clean my ceiling fans haha. But I did some great baking (recipes and pictures to follow) and my creative side has really been helping through all this. I had an interview this morning at a CVS and got the job right then! Have to wait for some processes but should start later this week. It was so nice (and a little sad) getting ready and putting on work clothes. I got to wear my new dress shoes for the first time that I’ve had for 2 weeks. And I got to talk to people haha. I did get 2 more calls/phone interviews scheduled for this week so that’s exciting too! Who knows, but I’ll keep you updated.

The suggested social distancing got extended until April 30th (and I still think that’s pretty optimistic). But I am looking forward to the next month. I have some exciting news that will hopefully turn into more exciting news later this week. Unemployment checks will start coming in with some actual employment checks. So…maybe it’s all turning around?

A heads up on this week, I will be posting some recipes. I will also be posting either on my IG or my personal FB some of my laid-off/furloughed industry colleagues side hustles. Some are Etsy shops, some are MLMs, and some are just side gigs. But if you can, support them!

Love you all – have a great week!

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4 thoughts on “Getting Used to the New Normal

  1. Hey ERS , thanks so much for posting your latest…always love seeing your creative side. I can’t wait to see more of your healthy recipes! Get cooking!! I have been taking this time to chill and just reflect. I am learning it’s actually a good thing despite what has occurred to so many of us. We are in very good company friend! Lots of support and love out there. I couldn’t agree with you more about the standing…OMG, I literally thought I was going to die. I worked at the Texas Food Bank and was motoring packing kids meals. I didn’t realize my two arms could actually move that fast at the same time…lol… When I saw the others around me that had to me at least a good 10-15 years younger all moaning as well I thought, okay, I am not the only one here dealing with the long hours of standing in agonizing lower back pain! What a great group tho, really nice to be with like minded people all just doing what is necessary right now to survive with no egos! Love it. We will prevail buddy!! Love you and keep posting!! All good things to come! xoxo your cubicle buddy in crime. LW

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