12 Days of Christmas

Happy Wednesday! How are you? We are only 9 days away from Christmas – are you excited? I have been a little more in the holiday spirit this year, which isn’t saying much.

If you don’t follow my socials, I am doing a “12 Days of Christmas” right now. When I was growing up, one of the ways my mom kept us from asking her to open presents every day was to do a 12 Days of Christmas. Starting on 12/13, we would wake up and have a little gift every morning – nothing crazy, usually a stocking stuffer type thing. I always got socks, underwear, maybe some cool pencils for school, gift cards, candy, whatever. But it was so fun and was one of my favorite Christmas traditions growing. She did this until I was a senior in high school I think hah. This year, I figured why not do this for myself? Or for others? Most of the gifts are for me (hello) but then I plan to do a giveaway on my social medias as well as a large tip to a restaurant or retail worker. I follow Lexy Lately on TikTok who does the Venmo Challenge every so often (she’s up to 14 rounds) where she collects $.25, $.50, $1 from each of her followers and then goes and leaves massive tips at a restaurant, food delivery, etc. I love the idea especially from being in the service industry and how hard it’s been on everyone this year. I am going to do a big tip for the 12th day, on 12/24. If you are able to and would like to donate, please do! I will be going to one of the restaurants near where I live in North Dallas and tipping! I have some savings I plan on adding to the tip as well so don’t feel pressure to give. My information has been added below.

As we close on another year, and boy what a year, I like to look back and see what worked and what didn’t. What did I do successfully and what did I fail? First, let’s recap my resolutions from this post:

  1. Lost all my dependence on Amazon.
    1. Meh. I have started using them more recently but still feel icky. I have been going out of my way to use other stores, specifically local. My 2020 annual spend was right under $500 which is half of my 2019 spend. That’s a great improvement.
  2. Improve my posture.
    1. I started really strong with this. About March, it all stopped. I do notice when I slouch and correct more but I don’t think my posture has improved overall. Roll this over to 2021.
  3. Pay down my Discover Card balance.
    1. While I did pay this down a lot, I did not get it down to where I wanted. However, I did pay off one of my other smaller credit cards which was pretty awesome. I’ve also paid down about half of the debt I had on my Capital One card. So overall, it was good.
  4. Lose 100lbs by 12/31/2020.
    1. Definitely not. Pandemic, emotional eating, pandemic, all got in the way. I have lost about 30/40 so far which I am proud of. Rolling over to 2021.
  5. Run one race a month.
    1. Didn’t happen. I started out great with January and February. Signed up for a virtual one in March but did not run it. However, my 75Hard Challenge I walked/ran every day for 75 days which was a good substitute for this. My only comment on this is it’s too expensive, especially in a financially iffy year.
  6. Be more philanthropic.
    1. This wasn’t on my radar at all after my layoff in March. And then coming back to work, I was still worried about my finances. Unfortunately, I need to do better at this.
  7. Learn 2 new skills.
    1. This one was great! I started knitting but haven’t completed my scarf yet. It was pretty easy to pickup but a little boring. I liked doing it at night though because it got me calm before I went to bed.
    1. I have sewn more this year. Sewed a few masks for myself and they haven’t fallen apart. I reupholstered 2 stools. I bought fabric and a pattern for some sleepwear I want to make that I have yet to start. 2021.
  8. More consistent.
    1. I feel like I have been good about this more this year. However lately, I have let my life and some depression bouts get in my way. 2021.

Living my word – Authenticity.

I think overall, I lived authentically this year. I was sort of forced to, honestly. This year has taught me so many things and being yourself is so important.

Outside of the pandemic and the craziness that is our world, I did okay for myself. It was a blur and I’m fairly certain I have blocked a lot out but I lived. I made it to the next year.

What will 2021 entail? What are my goals? I’m still pinning those down but will let you know soon.

I hope you have a great week. Happy Hanukah to those that celebrate!

Tipping Information:

Venmo: @Jake-Moreland

Cash App: $JakeMoreland

PayPal: Jake.Moreland90@gmail.com

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