Home for Thanksgiving

Happy Tuesday Before Thanksgiving! Are you ready to throw down on some turkey and dressing Thursday? I know I am. One day I won’t be worrying about how many calories I’m consuming, although I imagine I still will.

Like myself, your Thanksgiving may look a little different this year. I have made the tough decision to stay home and not visit family in person. Partly due to Covid but also due to my anxiety with large groups of people which has only gotten worse during the pandemic. I have already lined up my Thanksgiving meal and plan on doing a FaceTime or Zoom call during to say hi to everyone. It was a tough decision though and it’s one that others have made too. I’m sad to not be seeing my family and doing the traditional turkey day. After everyone has eaten, we bring out the ugly Christmas ornaments and put them all up on a tree. We have a few years’ worth of ugly ornaments on a couple of trees. We then all vote on the ugliest one and the winner gets a prize (usually $5 or $10). It’s a fun tradition that the kids love getting involved in.

I tried something knew and meal prepped this week, even though it’s Thanksgiving. Thursday is a wash no matter what. But I remember why I hate meal prepping so much – it is exhausting! And I chose the same thing for every meal except dinner for 5 days. I got through all of my breakfast and needed a break! But I got inspired by this girl I follow on Instagram and TikTok, Shannon Nichole Smith. She lost all this weight and posted a 1200 calorie meal prep she did one weekend. I’m doing 1800 calories because that makes more sense for me. She split hers up into 3 meals and 3 snacks. I’m splitting mine up into 4 meals total. Which makes my average meal about 450 calories – and that’s kinda hard to get to honestly. For breakfast, I’m eating unsweetened almond milk yogurt with blueberries and cranberries (yum!), one scrambled egg, and one Premier Protein shake. And that’s like 400 calories lol. I decided to do a whole avocado and a wrap I’ve made with protein and carb balance tortillas. That still is like 400. So I’m always right under. I need more snack ideas because honestly, I’m not a huge snack person. Dinner is going to be something I make (but is prepped) which will range from a roasted chicken, steak, and veggies or some chili I have in the freezer.

The one really nice thing about meal prepping is that the decision for my meal has already been made. I don’t have to think about what I’m going to do for lunch or breakfast because it’s already been done. I actually ate at home last night, which is a big feat for me. We’ll see how long that lasts.

I’ll be posting 2 recipes tomorrow! One is a oatmeal pie cookie recipe – soooo good. The other is a holiday themed one – hopefully you like it J

I hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! I appreciate you reading and following along on my journey.

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2 thoughts on “Home for Thanksgiving

  1. We had planned on going home but changed our minds because of the pandemic. We then thought maybe a small gathering here but we don’t want to take the chance so it will be just us. I am thankful that we are safe and healthy. I will of course be doing my usual cooking which is my happy place. 😊 You are more than welcome to a plate!

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