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Hey there! Happy Tuesday! I hope you are having a great week and start to your month. Have you gotten into the Halloween spirit? I kept my birthday “death of my 20s” decorations up at work and am working on a Halloween craft. I did hang up the Hocus Pocus car scent my sister got me for my birthday and used the Hocus Pocus cup too! I feel like I need to be more spooky though. There is still time.

Remember the Marie Kondo craze a few years ago? I watched the Netflix show and read her book. I started with the 5 categories and only got through 3 1/2. Netflix has a new show that is Kondo-esque called “Get Organized with The Home Edit”. It’s about a company that helps you edit your home and organize through 4 steps (edit, categorize, contain, and maintain). While Marie Kondo focused on things that stimulate joy while minimizing, The Home Edit is more about things looking aesthetically pleasing. They focus a lot on organizing by zones and colors. I started on my bathroom (since it’s small) and was very please. I got rid of old clearance packets I bought at target and hotel amenities along with stuff I just don’t use anymore. Doing that and organizing things in baskets (with labels) has helped. I also organized the drawers and created my own dividers with cardboard.

I got a burst of energy over the weekend and decided to tackle my kitchen. I started on the pantry – meh. I had originally separated my pantry items to all my baking items on one side of the kitchen and everything else on the other side. Which…didn’t make sense to begin with. So I edited, categorized and contained and hopefully will maintain. The biggest aha I had watching the show was having a section in your storage for “backstock”. I should have thought of this from my days at Target but alas, here we are. The thought behind it is putting those things that are extra, doubles, etc of something you already have in its own area. Instead of keeping all of my white flour in the canister and the rest behind it, put the flour in the backstock. Same for other flours, sugars, etc. Now at the top of all my cabinets, I have that backstock section for the…back stock. Simple yet brilliant.

Checkout my Instagram Page and saved stories for the progress on this! I’m having a lot of fun (mainly purging stuff) and making things look pretty. Something about organizing just makes me feel at ease.

After finishing this post up last night, I had an inspiriation come to me this morning. After a few days of some weight maintain and gain (specifically over my birthday), I am back on the weight loss train. My new goal is to lose about 40lbs by the end of the year – that may sound like a lot but I think I can do it. I will hit a pretty big goal if I do that so fingers crossed.

I hope you have a great Tuesday – more exciting things to come from me this week!

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