Thirty and Thriving

Happy Wednesday! We are almost in another month – can you believe it? If you follow my personal pages, you know I celebrated my 30th Birthday last Friday. I played up the death of my 20s leading up to the date but honestly, it’s another day for me. It also sounds better to say 30 than anything that starts with a 2. I had an amazing day on Friday started off by texts and phone calls, great breakfast, lunch and dessert from my coworkers (with a decorated cubical), and then a staycation in Frisco with my mom. We had a great weekend of not doing a whole lot but staying somewhere that I didn’t have to worry about messing up (although I did strip the linens from the beds before we left – such a hotel person!). Had some great food and overate every meal the entire weekend. It was great.

Anytime there are beginnings or endings, I tend to start reevaluating my life and gauge my happiness, goals, etc. Last year, I talked about Saturn’s return, which is an astrology term talking about transition during this age range. Saturn takes 28-30 years to make an orbit around the sun and it’s thought in astrology that this brings changes within your life – career, wealth, health, love, etc. Thinking back on this past year, a lot has changed – not only as a result from Covid. Covid was definitely the biggest forced change because it upended my, like many others, life. I lost my job, I got a new job in retail, I got my job back and walked into a completely different world, I haven’t seen a majority of my family and friends since February, I have become almost obsessive with cleanliness (outside of my apartment – ha!), and my appreciation for certain things has changed. My money managing has gotten better but also worse at the same time but I have paid down some of my credit cards to $0 or almost $0, which is awesome.

I think about the next year, next 5 years, next 10 years, and I can’t even put goals together. I can set an high-level goal for the next year but it probably won’t include anything related to travel or career. I am starting to put a few things in place in regards to wealth so that I can better manage my finances. Health is still a big focus for me. The pandemic uprooted my 100lb weight loss goal for 2020 but I have lost about 35 so far. I plan to complete more challenges whether it be diet related, fitness related, or both. Now through December, I’m working on a 200-mile distance (run/walk) goal. I would really love to run another half marathon before my next birthday – maybe spring or summer of 2021.

The biggest “aha” I’ve had from this past year is myself. I’ve realized how habitual I am which is not always great. I have seen how resilient I am while also being extremely down and sad. I’ve realized how cynical I have become and am making strides to change that. I notice how easily I try to dissociate from the world to do mindful activities (Netflix, Hulu, TikTok). I’ve realized how blessed I am because my situation is not un-similar to anyone else, but it could be much much worse.

One thing I have noticed is with everything being digital, I don’t realize how much I miss people. I know this may sound weird, but I miss seeing my family and my friends. But because I can text or share pictures or see their lives on social media, I’m filling the void of them not being there. But I miss being in front of them face to face or hugging my nieces and nephews. I plan on making my first trip back home in later October and this will be the first time I’ve seen all but 2 of them since middle of February. And with everything going on, my anxiety is a little high. I want to hug and love on my family but, the pandemic is still going on. And I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I were to be a carrier and pass it on. The things that keep me up at night.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday last week. Being so solitary this year, it was great to feel the love from everyone even if it was virtual. I plan on this October being a little bit busier with posts and fun content, so keep an eye out! Most will probably be on my Instagram page – IG – I’d love for you to follow me!

I hope you have an amazing Wednesday and last day of September. We are on the homestretch of 2020!

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