150 Days until 2021

Hello everyone! Another month has gone by and there are less than 150 days left of 2020. How crazy is that? We are definitely on the downward slope of the year and July seemed to fly a little. Maybe it’s just me?

I finished the 13 Things That Mentally Strong People Don’t Do book. It was a good read. I’m now on the Vibrate Higher Daily book which is a little different. I can’t quite get into honestly, and I get where it’s going but for some reason the word “vibration” is throwing me off and it’s mentioned a lot in the book. But it has some good moments in it, more to come.

I am on Day 38 of the 75-Day Challenge! Halfway through. Now that I’m fully into the challenge, it doesn’t really feel like a challenge. The workouts, the water, and the reading has really just become a part of my daily routine. The diet part, even though I haven’t lost much weight, has honestly been pretty easy as well. I haven’t cheated at all and if I’ve eaten something that’s a little high in carbs then I make sure to counter balance it later.

I’m currently reading “Vibrate Higher Daily” which has turned out to be better. Once I got over my thing with the word “vibration”, it really started to make sense. It’s similar to an internal spirituality and how things around you, externally, situations, etc. effect that day and feeling for you. But also how to deal with those situations or people that bring your vibrations down. It talks about internal situations too – eating healthy, not getting enough sleep, not working out, etc. Working out daily with the challenge has improved my mood tremendously. I’ve also started a new face/skin regime which has been helping my internal vibrations too. Little things that you can do to help improve your overall mood or quality of life is really what the book talks about. I will probably finish it this weekend and then start on my last book!

I’ve noticed lately that I’m getting antsy. Like…cabin fever. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with Covid or the pandemic because even if I could go somewhere (and I guess I could) I don’t really want to or have the money to. Maybe it’s subconsciously Covid-related and possibly realizing that summer is ending? I’m not sure…but I need an outlet for it. Maybe a day trip to an antique or resale place will do me good. If you have any ideas – let me know J

I hope you all have a great weekend and stay safe. If you haven’t already, check out my Keto Loaf Bread recipe here. Wear your mask!

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One thought on “150 Days until 2021

  1. Remember that when I come next weekend, we are going to go to the McKinney Trades Day.
    Gonna be a good weekend.


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