75 Hard Challenge – First Days

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are having a great week and staying safe. Finished my time in Houston last week so I was able to get back to some normalcy this week. Just finished up Day 9 of the 75 Hard Challenge and I’m feeling good. I haven’t weighed myself yet, I’m going to wait until after Day 14, but I feel like my clothes are a little baggier so that’s nice. Around Day 3 through 6 I was already feeling like the workout part of the challenge was going to be my biggest obstacle. But after that, I’ve started looking forward to it! With it being so hot, I have only been walking with a small amount of running but it’s been a really nice stress relief after a long day.

The book that I’ve been reading, “13 Things Strong People Don’t Do” by Amy Morin, has been good so far as well. It’s definitely not my most favorite book to read however the current chapter I’m on talks about control and it’s pretty interesting. One thing that has stuck out is what’s called Locus of Control. It’s basically our degree of control and how we deal with issues. There is an Internal Locus which is when a person believes that the successes and failures are a direct response to how hard that person worked. If you studied hard for a test and succeeded, you’d feel excited. But if you studied hard for a test and failed, you’d think you hadn’t studied hard enough. The other, External Locus, is when a person believes that their hard work doesn’t necessarily determine outcome but more so luck, fate, chance, or circumstance. If you realize you are failing a class, an External Locus of Control would blame it on a teacher who is extremely strict or not great at teaching. The goal is to find the correct balance of both and not be in the extreme of either. After reading on both in the chapter and online, I have an internal locus of control for the most part. I firmly believe that my hard work and determination is what drives my successes and failures. This was true for school, life, and definitely health. However, I also believe that in the work world, external locus is mainly what happens. Before getting my current job, I got passed up for a job but I knew that it wasn’t my fault or a reflection of me. I know my worth in the hotel and sales world but the person they chose could have just been better, known someone at the hotel, e.g. things that were out of my control. Here is a good article on it if you want to see what you are: Click Here

I started the next chapter which talks about “Saying No” and boy there were some revelations I will talk about next week.

I have some great recipes coming up that are keto related like some fathead (cheese-based) dough pasta, banana bread, and more.

I hope you all have a great weekend – stay safe in the heat!

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