2020: Halfway There

Happy Wednesday everyone! Happy Pride Month, Happy Belated Juneteenth. I hope you all are having a good week and staying safe out there. Can you believe next week is July 1st? Now that I’m back at work, my days seem to fly by faster and mesh together more than when I was laid off. But that also means we are half way through 2020 – woo.

My life has been a whirlwind the past few weeks to be honest. My original contract for returning to my hotel ended on 6/12. I was able to stay on (which is awesome) but the next week I helped cover our overnight front desk shifts from 11pm to 7am for 5 days. Talk about change! I had done the overnight shift a few times when I was in college but dang I’m not in college anymore. I was good for the first few days and had a decent schedule down and then the last 2 days were super off. But I probably won’t have to do that much more since they have found someone permanently. I did offer to help with the front desk shifts because it’s been the same crew since March and I know they need some days off. I’m just happy to have a job.

This week, my management company took over a hotel in Houston and asked me to go down and assist on the sales front. It’s an aloft which I always have a soft spot for since that was my first hotel sales job. And I’ve done takeovers before and know what to expect (and what not to expect). It’s been an interesting week so far, still don’t have access to any of the systems per usual. But I feel like I’ve made some good strides as far as selling goes. It’s interesting being in Houston right now with everything going on. I finally get to be somewhat of a hotel guest instead of on the other side – and I can see some of their frustrations (if they are a-holes).  The current hotel I’m at has less amenities open than my hotels in Frisco, and that says a lot! You basically get a room and that’s it. You can still go out in the city if you need to, you’ll just have to wear a mask. Most restaurants are still open or at the very least offering To-Go/Delivery which is nice too. Just a weird time in general, y’all.

However, I have accepted this…”new normal”. I know, I know. New normal has such a worn out context right now. And honestly, it’s not new anymore. It’s just…normal. But, outside of being diligent on health and safety (wearing masks, washing hands, sanitizers, etc.), we have to move on with our lives. Now is as good a time as any for me to start another challenge! I have posted about this before and tried a modified version of this but I am going to do the 75 Hard Challenge. You take 75 days and do the same thing every day as far as diet, working out, hydration, and some personal development. The hard part is that the monotony is what gets to you and it really shows your true mental strength. For 75 days, starting July 1st, here is what I’ll be doing:

  • Diet: Keto-terranean. I’m going to mash up the Keto program with a Mediterranean Diet twist. Keto is high fat/low carb and the Mediterranean Diet is about clean eating but focusing on items that would be available in the Mediterranean (think authentic Italian, Greek, Libya, Egypt). The MD isn’t super set in stone (neither is Keto honestly) but I really like that meal plan and those foods so, why not?
  • Exercise: The true 75 Hard calls for 2 workouts a day (each a minimum of 45 minutes) with one being outside. Right now, all of my workouts are going to be outside and 2 workouts is going to be a lot. So I’m gonna do 1 workout a day for at least an hour.
  • Hydration: Drink at least one gallon of water per day. That’s extremely easy for me now so I just need to stay a little more diligent.
  • Personal Development: Read 10 pages of a non-fiction or self-development book every day. This may be hard because I don’t have a reading bug. But I’ll probably be able to find something.
  • Photos: Take a progress picture every day. I’m good with this I just have to remember. Because who likes taking pictures of themselves?

It seems easy, right? Apparently, it’s not. I’ve followed many people that have been able to complete this (with struggles) and some who can’t. So…why not give it a go. However, I will say even if I mess up one day or whatever, I’m not starting over. Most people will start the 75 days over and I just don’t have that time. Also, 75 days will end on September 14th I think which is just 10 days away from my 30th birthday. So…it’s good timing.

Speaking of 30th birthday I have been mixing around ideas in my head on celebrating the actual day because it’s a big day! 30 is where everything goes downhill hahahahah. JK. But with everything going on, some of the things I had thought of may be a little too raw or insensitive (think funeral-ish themed). So I’m going to have to put something together by then. Maybe that can be one of my books – how to celebrate your 30th birthday.

I would love for anyone to join me on the 75 Hard Journey. I plan on being more active on IG for sure, with stories and daily posts. I will probably post the books I’m going to read as well. I hope you all are staying safe and well. Please wear your masks, wash your hands, and don’t leave the house unless you have to.

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