Supporting Black Owned Businesses

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry for not posting as much lately – last week was weird lol. I have been asked to stay on at my hotel (yay!!!) but I have also volunteered to help out with the overnight shift since our overnight person left. I trained on 2 shifts last week (11pm-7am each day) and will be doing that full time this week Monday – Friday nights. So…this could get weird haha. The actual shift itself is quite easy and even though it’s from 11p-7a it’s a good shift. I will still be able to get some things done which is nice. So hopefully it’s not for too long but could be for a bit since overnight shifts are the hardest to fill.

I don’t have much to say this week. With everything going on I feel like my mind has been so focused on that. But since I’m based in DFW, I wanted to share some Black owned DFW businesses! I have added the list below (please let me know if there are more). If you have a chance, stop by and visit one.


Here are 2 websites with lists of Black owned businesses (ranging from Restaurants to Clothing to Medical):


Here is another one for restaurants in the area:


Here is a company that creates true “nude” color bandaids and black owned!

I have also added a list of online places you can order from rather than Target, Walmart, or Amazon. While those stores have really created a space that’s hard for Mom & Pops to survive, try one of these out!


Also, one of my friends’ son’s has a company that specializes in fishing rods and lures!


I hope you all have a great week. I hope to have some more post this week even with my overnight shifts J Remember, COVID is not over and it’s summer now. Stay safe (masks, cleanliness, etc.) and wear sunscreen!

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