Jobs, Target, and BLM

Good Morning everyone and Happy Friday! What a week, huh? I was going to post earlier this week but took part of #blackouttuesday and just needed time to put my words together. The news cycle, social media, and many conversations are around the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis by police. This is just the tip of the iceberg for a much larger issue at hand. All 4 cops have finally been arrested (took long enough) however the cops who killed Breonna Taylor in her own home have not been. If you don’t know about her story, please google it because she should not have been killed.
There’s a lot going on right now. I think timing was just right for all of this to happen because most of us have been cooped up in our houses and unemployed, so we have time on our hands to raise our voices about the issue. I’m a white male so I cannot even begin to understand how Black people feel and have been treated for the past (forever?). I can remember a few instances from when I was young of my non-white friends being discriminated against with me around. I have one instance when I was still in college and working at a hotel where an instance occurred that was blatant racism. I ended up asking the person it was towards about it and they brushed it off because it was another day for them. How sad.
My biggest question and concern about everything is what do we do now? What are the changes (big changes) that will be implemented going forward? We obviously need to look at funding for police but when we’re talking about salary questions or even, I’ve seen, questions on tying any brutality charges to pensions, there is a bigger obstacle – unions. And they have HUGE power (more than NRA). So this fight has barely begun. But I hope we can all keep the momentum and visibility of the issue up as we move forward. Just know, I will no longer be silent on here or my personal page. There is so much of Black history that I was never taught in school. I had never heard of the Tulsa massacre until about 3 years ago from someone on Twitter. How is that?? Most history classes never got past WWI and we know how white-washed most of it is. But I want to do better and I want to help y’all do better.
Stepping to another topic, my last day at Target will be this Saturday. I am sad and happy. Sad because I have really grown to like the people I work with. And Target is a really good company (check out what the CEO said about the looting of his store) and they a really do care about their employees. It was refreshing to be in a different industry and have a company actually give sh*ts about you lol. I’m happy though because I’m tired lol. Even with the impending doom of being laid off again, I’m tired of the manual labor. I’m going to make sure I leave on good footing thought in case I need to ask to go back in the future haha. And I also shop there so it’d be weird if I screwed them over lol.
I can’t remember if I mentioned, but my return to my employment was conditional and based on the PPP loan we got approved for. I am only guaranteed 6 weeks (6/12) and based on how things are going, I just don’t think they’ll keep me. And it’s not a reflection of me, it’s just how business levels are. So why quit target if I have a possibility to be laid off again? Idk? Maybe I’m crazy haha. But I’m not as anxious about everything anymore which has really taken a lot of pressure off of everything. It is what it is.
One of the interesting things about all of this is how we all are trying to cope. I read somewhere about how it doesn’t matter if you’ve gained weight, drank a lot, cleaned a lot, lost weight, whatever. Because we are in a situation where our biological systems are trying to keep us alive and survive. So our hormones can be everywhere. It was an interesting twist to all of this. Who cares if my emotions are all over? My body is trying to fight lol.
I hope you all have a safe weekend. Enjoy yourselves, get some sun (if you can), eat a whole pizza. What ever floats your boat. I love you all!


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