Getting Crafty with It

Happy Friday and May! I hope you are all are having a great week. Took last week off because I was working at Target for 5 days straight (6am shifts) and I was tired. I also had nothing to talk about. But last weekend, I did a craft! I was inspired by this video from Chalk It Up Fancy. They are my new obsession – such great and easy crafts! Also, pretty budget conscious.

I couldn’t find a circle sign so I opted for this pallet looking sign from Joann’s.

I also bought this because I had ideas on a different craft but ended up using it on this one.

I started off by sanding the pallet – it was a little rough and I knew I wanted it a little more smooth for this project. After sanding, I painted it navy. While that was drying, I painted the jar navy and then while it was semi-dry I white washed it.

Wood Rectangle Pallet - Navy
Joann’s Wood Rectangle Pallet painted navy


I let those dry overnight and then the next day, I used stencils. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted but I opted for a flower on the jar and hello with some extras on the board.


Sign with Jar and Yellow


Chalk It Up tells you to sand stuff after you have painted it and dried so I did as well. It does help with any imperfections and really just gives a nice overall finish.

Since this will be used on my front door as a welcome wreath, I grabbed some clear matte varnish from Home Depot and put two coats and dried.

After the two coats dried, I put together a “stacked bow” at the top. Stacked bows are basically just different lengths of ribbon (preferably with wire in them just because it’s easier to fluff) and stacking them on top of each other. You can glue them together in the center or just tie them with a string, ribbon, or floral wire. I wrapped mine with floral wire and then went over it with the blue ribbon to hide the wire.

Final product:


Have a great day and weekend!


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