Cookies, Face Masks, and Target

Fabric Face Mask

Happy Thursday everyone! I got super mixed up on my days this week and I thought all day yesterday was Tuesday – oops. Exciting update, I got a job at the Target near my house (literally 4 minutes from door to door)! I started yesterday and I am in the Fulfillment Dept – so I pack online orders and shop for online orders. It’s so fun! And everyone is really nice – which helps a lot. But I’m happy to be out and about and semi-interactive with people but also getting to do one of my favorite things – shopping and not spending my own money!!

I also walked 7 miles during work yesterday. 18,000 steps! Like…wow! My feet were tired but it’s nice to be active honestly. One of the things I have been having issues with is my lack of motivation to work out – this solves that a bit.

My baking has continued and I tried 2 cookie recipes – one chocolate chip recipe and the other is the Doubletree cookie recipe that Hilton released! I will be posting them both tomorrow – the doubletree recipe is super good; love those cookies. I have a doughnut recipe that I continue to read and continue to put off for some reason. I can’t tell if it’s intimidating or if like, all that work for a donut? Let me just go buy some from the Mom/Pop donut shop around the corner. It’d probably be better. I REALLY want to try and make some croissants but I’d have to clean my kitchen for that…so probably won’t get that done haha.

Since I am now an essential worker and interacting with a lot of people, I decided to make a few fabric masks. I sewed my first one on Tuesday from this tutorial here (picture in header). And then made 2 more last night. They were MUCH easier than I thought they would be. Anything with a sewing machine is always a little intimidating but once I sat down and did it, it was fun! I aint trying to churn them out like some people are but I’ll make my own haha. I do have phantom-mask feels on my ears though – it’s odd lol.

Still waiting on unemployment to finalize because apparently filing to early makes it worse – danggit. But I feel much better that I have a job now so I won’t have to rely on that so much. Side note, I’ve always known that the unemployment system wasn’t the best but geez y’all. They don’t have the infrastructure to really handle normal unemployment, much less the pandemic. And honestly, unemployment seems like it’s almost designed to keep people in unemployment. It’s rough, but I know many more people have had it rougher than I have.

I’m interested to see what May will hold for us. It has already become socially acceptable and preferred for people to wear masks and gloves in public. So, in a perfect world, would I go back to my hotel job/shopping/travel if everyone was required/heavily suggested to wear a mask? Yeah…I would. Maybe the mask could become part of the entities uniform and get branded ones! How cute would that be lol. Because, let’s be honest, we can’t all “go back to normal” until there is a vaccine/cure. If we did, we’ll be back where we are now. Of course some people are now speculating that Fall 2021 is when large events will become a thing again, but who knows. Could be sooner, could be later. I know that we will get creative and make it work. Should be interesting.

I hope you all are continuing to be safe and find some light in the stay home. It’s interesting seeing all of these people (who were already SUPER motivated) talk about being motivated and doing stuff. But like…who wants to do that? I don’t want to check all of the stuff on my to-do list because then I won’t have anything to-do, right?

Love you all!

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5 thoughts on “Cookies, Face Masks, and Target

  1. Love the blog. I have to make the cookies. They were always delicious when we got them at Doubletree. 😘
    Maybe I should be an online shopper. It is one of my favorite things to do too.
    Stay safe and healthy!!

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