Back to the Drawing Board

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all are hanging in there. What an interesting few days! I’m glad we are finally in April and ready for the 30 days to be over (however, I’m worried it may be longer). I started my CVS training last Friday, completed a shift on Sunday, and quickly realized that I am not fit for that job. There was nothing wrong with it, people were nice, a little abrupt training but I get why. But it was and wasn’t what I expected. It’s true retail with stocking items (which I think is the part that got me) and also cashier. I was telling my mom one of the things that got me about cashier was how truly transactional it was. Coming from the hotel world, it’s similar but we try to make it more experiential than transactional. And try as I might, it wouldn’t work that way. I don’t know…it’s just not for me. So I quit. I know. And I fully realize the privilege I have to quit, especially in a time like this.

I slept most of yesterday because my body was exhausted from working. Now what? The hopefuls I had last week fizzled out from either not being what I thought the job was or just no response. So now, I continue looking. Even though I can tell people have stopped posting jobs as much. What an interesting time this is.

If you’ve followed my journey since starting this 2 years ago (I think…) I have talked about motivation before. How to assist with keeping motivated like a tracker or calendar for weight loss. Or maybe an app that keeps you accountable to logging in and logging meals daily. Or even a buddy! But now that I haven’t been working (almost a full month next week if you count my week of vacation prior to layoff), I have NO motivation whatsoever. I know part of it is because of being “home-bound” in a sense and not working. But my energy levels have dropped even more than before and I didn’t think that was possible. I have not had the energy to workout, to complete some of my projects, nothing. How do these people on IG and Twitter have the energy to do home workouts? I signed up for an at-home camp gladiator challenge through May and I haven’t done one yet. And I don’t have to go anywhere! It’s a rough time right now and no, you don’t have to be productive like everyone else is. It’s ok to take a break. But my break has been a while now. I am working on some of my continuing education items I signed up for but even that is self-paced and I’m taking it slow. Maybe because, even though we have until April 30th (probably longer), there is no real end in sight.

For my industry (hotels, travel, etc.), it will be a bit for the bounce back. Companies will be hesitant to allow their employees to travel because right now, they are a) saving lots of money by having everyone stay home and Zoom and b) there is still a huge risk even after the “Stay Home” order expire. The only saving grace is going to be weddings, family reunions, and events that haven’t cancelled yet for the summer (June or later). It just doesn’t seem that if everything fixed itself tomorrow that I would be going back to work any time soon. Too much has been lost revenue-wise.

Maybe I’ll just get my sewing machine to work, order some elastic, and start making masks. Since we all should be wearing them now (even though we were told in the beginning we didn’t need to). My mom has been making them like crazy in my home town so maybe I can sell some on Etsy or something. One lady from my Hospitality Facebook group was selling them on Etsy and for every sale she donated one to her local hospital. That’s a good idea too. I’m by no means a seamstress though haha.

Anyway, I hope to post more recipes this week – I think I’m going to try and make donuts for the first time this week. And true yeast donuts, not cake donuts. I will also be posting another “side hustle” list Friday like I did last week (here is last week’s).

Love you all! Be safe out there and #stayhome!

*Real quick! I haven’t talked about this but I have been using this company called “Imperfect Foods” for some of my grocery shopping. This has become very useful recently because it’s delivery only. Basically, they take groceries (produce, meats, dairy, etc.) that may be damaged slightly or over-ordered and wouldn’t be sold in time and sell it to us. It’s not much higher (sometimes lower) than in store with the exception of organic stuff. I still have to go to the grocery store to get other items but these are one less thing I have to worry about. The nice thing is that they have actual meat and stuff in stock right now. If you use my link, we both get a $10 credit!

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2 thoughts on “Back to the Drawing Board

  1. Hey ERS! I was wondering if you took that job…interesting feedback. It’s tough for us hoteliers right now for sure. My son turned 25 yesterday…not possible I am not that old!! I refuse to accept!! Drove 1800 miles in two days to pick up my daughter from Atlanta but shes here now safe and sound. I got back just in time for my son’s bday and made this Martha Stewart salted caramel chocolate cake for his birthday. Took my all damn day! I remind myself daily as I go this time with you that that there is a reason why we are here. It will all work out at the end. I would love to buy some masks from you so when they are done message me. I bet we could sell there here in the Park Cities! Love you friend!! Until the next one 🙂 LW

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  2. Enjoy reading your posts. I can give you some elastic if you need some.
    I also saw on Facebook to take a t-shirt, cut it 45” long and 1” wide. Then you feed it through the casing for the ties. One nurse said that she liked those kind.

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