Lenting Lent

Happy Tuesday! How was your Valentine’s Day? Did you celebrate or just treat it like any other Friday? Either way, I hope it was good! We are coming up on Mardi Gras next week and it got me thinking about Lent. Tried it out last year (post here) and I am going to do that again this year; but I’ve put some extra thought to this one.

Most of the time, Lent is about giving something up. Partying and celebrating on Fat Tuesday to start the sacrifice on Ash Wednesday until Easter (40 days later). This year, while I will be giving something up, I’d also like to give something back. Here is my plan for Lent this year:

  • No more sodas
    • This is going to suck haha. I have gotten a little more addicted to Diet Dr Pepper and Diet Coke recently so this has got to go.
  • No more plastic straws 
    • I have been less diligent about my plastic consumption recently so this will get me back into it.
  • Post one “neutral” or “positive” photo daily
    • Every day, I will post a picture that is about my life, dog, work, whatever on my social medias. This will have nothing inherently negative, just trying to put fun and bright stuff out there.
  • Say one positive thing about myself daily, out loud
    • This will be more of a thing that no one can catch me on, but something small daily.
  • Say one positive thing about someone else daily
    • Make someone’s day with a kind complimentary. Doesn’t hurt or cost anything

What are your goals for Lent? Or even just for spring?

Traveling to Orlando for work this week. Already got snacks to help with my keto-ing on the road. Fingers crossed I at work out at least once while I’m there.

Have a great week!

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