Keto on the Cheap

Keto on the Cheap

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all have had a great week. Well, I ran in the Hot Chocolate Run Dallas on Saturday and completed the 5K! I did it in about the same time as my last one, which I will take because I had not run at all since the last 5K in January. My sister ran it with me and I think she was the one who really kept me on pace. There was just a TON of people there. Weather wasn’t too terrible, the sun was out so it made it feel a little warmer.

I’m coming off of a “runner’s high” from last weekend because I had been a little down the week prior. I had not really been eating what I was supposed to be eating so the scale was not moving. I have a psychological block when I get to a specific number on the scale because it’s been so long since I’ve been under it. This time didn’t feel any different. But after my run, it helped me realize that I can do anything I put my mind to. And just because I didn’t necessarily prepare, doesn’t mean that I can’t do it in the end. So this week I will get back to a more strict plan and I have prepared a little more for my weak points throughout the week (dinners, afternoon snacks, etc.).

I did want to talk about something with Keto though that is somewhat frustrating. It’s frickin expensive. You are buying a lot of meats (pricey) and not as many veggies (cheaper) so you can spend a pretty penny at the grocery store. I went to Kroger yesterday and even though I didn’t need or buy a lot, I ended up spending $70. So here are a few tips that I’ve come up with for a cheaper or more budget friendly keto-diet.

Tip #1 :  Discounted Meat or Buy in Bulk. This one is more budget friendly because you can make this last. I love looking at the circulars for Kroger each week and finding what cheap meat item is on sale. I have steaks in the freezer that I bought probably 2 months ago because they were cheap. I take them out when I need to and, bam I have a steak with no extra crazy cost. At Target one day, they had whole chickens BOGO free and it was $10 for 2 whole chickens. I can EASILY debone a chicken, roast that up, and freeze the other for a rainy day. Or check the spot where the meat is about to expire (maybe the next day) and freeze it up. I did that with a steak, $3 because it was expiring it 2 days, and then cooked it up the next week – delicious. This will help stretch your dollar farther rather than having to buy stuff all at one. Only thing I don’t do this with is fresh seafood or shrimp, that makes me nervous lol.

Tip #2 : Veggies and Fruit – BUY FROZEN OR CANNED. Produce has such a short shelf life and I can’t tell you how many times I buy avocados thinking I’m going to use them before they turn brown, and guess what? I don’t. Obvi you can’t buy avos frozen so just buy guacamole but get frozen veggies as much as you can. A lot of times, they are either cheaper or the same price as fresh. And look at canned veggies too, I buy canned greens a lot. There is nothing wrong with them they just can them with their own juices? But this saves you money in the long run and saves on food waste (yay!).

Tip #3 : Try not to do too many recipes each week. I read this sentence one time and it really clicked. When we see a recipe we like on Pinterest, Facebook, IG, Food Network, whatever, it sounds so good right then! But a lot of times, you are making yourself buy ingredients you don’t already have and only use a small amount of. And then what if you hate what you make, you have that ingredient leftover for ever. I pretty much buy the same stuff weekly and will throw in one recipe I want to try. And not one dinner, one lunch, one breakfast. One recipe. That way I don’t buy all this stuff that I really won’t use and my grocery bill won’t be as high. Then it makes it fun as to what recipe you will try each week!

Tip #4 : Rotisserie chickens. So, you know how I mentioned the chickens I bought from Target that were cheap? That’s great and all but what happens when I forget to put that chicken out to thaw? I have nothing. So go get a rotisserie chicken, it’s already done and they last a few days. Heck, buy 2 and freeze the other one. And usually less than $10 for each chicken. I love using rotisseries in recipes that call for chicken because it’s just easier but you usually have some left over.

Tip #5 : Bulk Meals: Find a good crockpot/instapot/airfryer whatever type of meal and make a lot of it. One of my favorites is chili in the crockpot or making a huge amount of chili and freezing it. That way, it’s already done – just pop it in the microwave and you’re good!

Tip #6 : Make It Yourself. What I mean buy this, is sometimes finding something in it’s rawest form is cheaper than buying the convenient version. Cauliflower Rice is typically more expensive than a head of cauliflower that you can buzz in the food processor. Snack size or precut veggies (celery, carrots, etc.) – you literally can cut those yourself lol.

I hope this helps! If you have any tips, comment below!

I hope you all have a great week. Single Awareness Day on Friday – whoop!

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