New Month – I need some change

Happy Tuesday! IT’S FEBRUARY!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! I’ve never been so happy for a month to start before. January was the longest year ever, y’all. But it was a good month personally. I lost 18.7lbs for the month and I was one of four winners on the DietBet I competed in. Doing it again for February (not sure if I’ll hit that but hopefully I can make the 4%). Fingers crossed.

I am running in the Dallas Hot Chocolate run this weekend. I signed up for the 15K but we’ll see if that happens. I have not trained AT ALL for this so I may have to do the 5K so I don’t hurt myself – we will see. Weather looks good but of course, that could change 5 times by Saturday.

This week I want to talk about one of my new topics, home décor. I recently purchased a new comforter and it changed my entire room. I had been looking for a new set for a while but just didn’t want to pay crazy amounts of money. Everyone that I found and liked was too expensive and the cheaper ones just weren’t me. But I found this one at Tuesday Morning in The Colony and I love it. It’s quilt-esque but definitely a warm comforter. I had a light grey one because my room used to be grey and white but it was too blah. This one is a blue, I’m going to call it an “Evening Navy” because it looks a lot like that spray paint color from Target. The new comforter gives me a good dark pop of color that it desperately needed. Check out the pictures below!

Sara obviously loved it. But I laid a blanket my grandmother crocheted and it goes perfectly with the blanket, my curtains, and style of the room. The lighting was great so I had fun with a photo shoot with Sara. *don’t judge the pile of clothes in the corner I’m trying to crop out of the picture*

She sees something out the window
“help me, I’m poor”

I recently flipped my nightstands around a bit. One came with the bedroom set and the other I found at the dumpster and was using as a fitness/running item table. Since I flipped them, the wall behind my lamp was so blank (and the holes were driving me CRAZY). I had this basket from Kirkland’s (my mom bought it for me after Christmas and it was like 70% off) that originally was red – which doesn’t go – so I spray painted it the “Evening Navy” and now look! It’s perfect.

Shadows are cool

All in all, I’m happy with the new updates. I’ll show you the rest of the apartment when I’ve gotten everything up and have a cleaned a bit more. And when I have good lighting again haha.

I hope you all have a great week! I have a recipe coming later this week (probably tomorrow) of one of my go-to sides. It includes brussels sprouts!

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