Bye Bye Big Boy Running

Happy Friday Everyone! Also, happy-making-it-to-the-end-of-January-which-felt-like-6-months-in-31-days! January has been a good month, just very long. But, I’m here to let you know of the big announcement. I wanted to be 100% up and running today but it has been a very busy week and honestly I haven’t had time to iron out all of the finishing details. However, in case you haven’t realized, I am changing my blog.

I present to you:

I am changing the name to “eat. run. southern.” and it’s letting me alter the format and content a bit. One of the reasons I had changed Big Boy Running Club to Big Boy Health was because I felt closed in on one format. But now, I want to talk about all things eating and food, all things running (and working out), and everything else that I’m grouping under southern because hey, I’m from Texas. I will start adding in more recipes (with hopefully easier access to old ones on the page), great local places to eat, my favorite or new food item of the week, etc. I will continue to talk about my running and weight loss but will start adding in other exercises, maybe weight training stuff at some point, stretching, etc. Run = fitness for me on this one. Southern will be everything else: home decor, crafting and DIY, zero waste, blog posts in general, and other random items. I’m southern/Texan so that’s the twist and POV I have on things.

I will be utilizing social medias as well, IG, Facebook, but more importantly Pinterest! I didn’t realize how many followers I have on there, I have been posting and re-pinning for years (probably since high school) and I have about 15K followers a month right now. How weird!

Anyway, keep an eye out for the new info and hopefully for me to post more. I’m trying to become like locally famous guys ahhahahaha.

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Love fitness but also love food! Follow me along on my journey.

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