Losing Weight and Feeling Great

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you are having a great week so far. A little somber start to the week with the passing of Kobe Bryant. He touched so many people’s hearts and lives and it’s very apparent. He will be missed, greatly.

I was going to talk about how life is short and how I’m super cynical so I wonder “what’s all this for” but it got too much. And I don’t feel like talking about that. So let’s keep it all upbeat, positive, and happy.

I have lost 17lbs so far y’all! I don’t necessarily feel different but clothes are *as* tight and people have told me I look like I’ve lost. So that makes me feel better. Going to keep on trucking and probably compete in another DietBet that my sister is hosting. Find out deets and join here.

My next run, Hot Chocolate Run Dallas (15K), is in 2 weeks. I’m 100% not prepared at all so I may die. Nice knowing ya. My March run is a virtual run which means I can run it at any time in the 31 days of March. It’s a St. Paddy’s 5K and 10K (info here) and as long as you run or walk it all at once, you can do it any day. They send you your medal and swag in the mail but it’s fun! You can literally go at your own pace haha.  Once you’re done, you input your stats and you’re set! I couldn’t find a run I really liked or that worked for me so this one is perfect. Already have 2 April ones, one is the Tanner Higgins Warrior Run in Sulphur Springs honoring one of my former classmates who died in service. The other is a Glow Run in Fort Worth – should be interesting lol.

I have a few travel dates coming up next month and March so it will be interesting to travel on my keto diet. Last time I traveled while on keto, it didn’t work out so well. And I didn’t work out AT ALL. I’ll be at conferences and trade shows so I may not even have to work out haha.

As I mentioned last week, I have an announcement this week. I’m going to break the big news on Friday so stay tuned!

Also one of my favorite and simple breakfast recipes is following this post. Keep an eye out!

And to bring everything back home, I want to say thank you. I was looking through my stats on here as well as my following on IG, Facebook, and Pinterest and it’s a lot more than I thought. I love you all and thank you for continuing to read. I don’t and never have felt like I have a special voice that people listen to but I appreciate you for supporting me. I look forward to the future with you all.

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