Top 10 Easy and Healthy Snack Ideas

Hey there! We are 2 weeks into 2020 – are you still on track for your goals and resolutions? If not, that is ok! You can always pick back up at any time. I have been relatively successful with my non-dairy keto plan for the past 2 weeks; I weighed today and have lost 14lbs so far – whoop! But it hasn’t been all fun and games and I had a little scare last week that could’ve really interrupted my game.

I had 2 yearly doctor appointments last week: dental (bi-annual, no cavities!) and eye. You know how now everyone and their dog checks your blood pressure? At the dentist, my blood pressure was higher than normal but not anything crazy. I usually run a good 120/80 without much variation. Passed it off as had too much coffee or was just agitated because I had to wait 30 minutes. Next day at my eye doctor appointment, my blood pressure was higher than the day before at the dentist – like 156/96 high. Of course, the nurse starts asking about my health blah blah. I don’t have high blood pressure but it does run in my family (and what terrible timing to start getting high blood pressure than when I start trying to be healthy haha). Throughout the exam, I am constantly thinking about what could be causing this; bee tee dubs (by the way) my eyesight got better along with my astigmatism. Bam! I get out of the appointment and start googling – terrible idea because it tells me I’m dying and having a heart attack. But when I realized, hey maybe it’s a keto thing? I got my answer. On keto, if you don’t eat enough, you actually put your body into starvation and your body goes crazy and elevates your blood pressure because your heart is working too hard. Well, there is my answer. I knew I wasn’t eating enough calories per day but I wasn’t hungry (protein is filling). Now, I knew I had to get in gear.

One of the ways I have been able to get more calories in is snacks. I know it sounds simple, but snacks are great! Usually a good afternoon snack because who is hungry from breakfast to lunch. I have gotten together a Top 10 List of my favorite snacks. Now, these snacks are relatively healthy but they are also easy and hopefully cheap. Most importantly, they are convenient.

  1. Dark Chocolate
    • Being on keto, regular milk chocolate is out the door for sugar. You can have any chocolate that is 70% more in the cocoa nibs. 70% is my sweet spot – it’s a great dark chocolate but not terribly sweet. If you like a good “earthy” flavor (dirt), go for 75% or higher.
  2. Lunch Meat & Cheese
    • Love a good turkey lunchmeat with cheese (right now I’m eating a non-dairy cheese called Chao. It’s one of the better ones, not a huge fan of Daiya). One of the best options for this though is a Lunchable. Like the basic ones, not the fancy ones. I think they are like $1 each but it’s a great snack, and you can eat the crackers and chocolate that comes with it or not. But it’s already made for you!
  3. Tuna in a Can
    • If you’re not a tuna person, keep moving. Tuna in a can is so easy and a great snack. I open the can, throw in some salt and pepper and I’m good to go. You don’t have to make a tuna salad or anything (you definitely can) but super easy and cheap!
  4. Pepperoni or Salami
    • Usually in the lunchmeat section, they will have pre-packaged pepperoni or salami. Pepperoni will give me heartburn sometimes so I typically opt for salami. But also check the deli section of the butcher area. The Kroger I shop at sells Boar’s Head and it’s not much more expensive.
  5. Pickles
    • Enough said J I love a good pickle! But if you aren’t a pickle person, in the lunchmeat aisle they will have some of those prepackaged pickled veggies. I’ve grabbed the okra ones before (yum) and the regular pickles. I believe they also have jalapeno ones if you want something spicy.
  6. Pistachios or sunflower seeds
    • In almost all health items, you hear about eating some sort of nut for a good fat and snack. But usually it’s whole almonds or walnuts. NO! I don’t want to eat whole almonds – I’m not a chipmunk. (Do chipmunks eat almonds?). Give me some sunflower seeds (in the shell or not) and some pistachios (in the shell). Just don’t eat too many in one sitting because it can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Knowledge from personal experience.
  7. Coffee/tea/diet soda
    • Drink your snack! Of course my first choice is water because if you are hungry and drink water and it goes away, you weren’t hungry. But if you drink the water and are like, DANG I’m still hungry, then grab one of the above. Coffee and tea first – try and limit the sugary goodness you are putting in. Diet Sodas last. Sometimes I just need a fizz with acid so I opt for a diet soda. I have tried to drink some seltzer water to combat some of the bubbly needs but I usually have one soda a day.
  8. Fruit
    • Fruit is tricky. We’ve all heard to get X amount of servings a fruit per day. But honestly, fruit is super sugar (hello it’s fructose). Stick to berries, maybe an apple. Just don’t go for super sugary items like bananas or grapes. Unless you are eating this before or after a work out.
  9. Turkey sticks
    • This is a suggestion I’m taking from my sister – turkey “beef” jerkey sticks! Yum!!
  10. Boiled egg
    • Yes, it stinks and you will be that person in your office. But it’s a great snack and source of protein and fat!

Here are some of my honorable mentions:

  • Veggies and ranch
    • I’m sorry, I am not a “raw” ranch person and not a raw veggie person. But you can do it if you want
  • Bell Pepper and Lunchmeat
    • Same as above -here is something about raw bell peppers that are almost too tcrisp for me. I don’t like cucumbers and this kinda gives me that.
  • Low calorie chips
    • Love a good low cal chip or chips that are not white potato only. Just make sure to read the labels and ingredients. I used to eat veggie sticks and thought I was getting dry veggies when in fact it was potato with that veggie coloring and “flavor”.
  • The 100 Cal or Low Cal sweets
    • I don’t suggest these because when I eat them, I will eat the entire box rather than just one. Which defeats the purpose haha

I hope this helps curb your cravings and will help you stay on track for your plans. Honestly, the internet (and Pinterest) is so vast that if you want a healthy snack or version of your favorite snack, there is probably a recipe to be found.

Comment some of your favorites!

Have a wonderful week everyone 🙂

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