It’s a New Year but will it be a new me?

Hello hello hello! Happy Tuesday, New Year, and New Decade! We are finally in 2020 – where are the flying cars?? Actually, I don’t want flying cars because you know how many people would be falling out of the sky for running out of gas? Ha, no thanks.

Since it’s a new year, resolutions are plenty. Bullet Journals and Planners are being bought, vision boards are being constructed, gyms are packed, etc. I love when people are so against doing resolutions because “they don’t complete them”. That’s fine, but I still want to do them. Call it hopeful. But I am also putting in plans to set myself up for success rather than just choosing a blanket resolution. I also try to come up with things that are more specific than the typical, lose weight, save money, blah blah. I found something in different aspects of my life to try and push myself to be better. Hopefully one sticks.

Here is my 2020 Resolution List:

  • Lose my dependence on Amazon
    • Y’ALL. I calculated my spending on Amazon for 2019 and it was over $1000. And I really need to stop supporting a company that isn’t great to their employees.
  • Improve my posture
    • I have TERRIBLE posture. I have had bad posture since middle school (was told I have a curved spine but not scoliosis bad) but it’s gotten worse since working in an essentially all-day desk job. Gaining weight hasn’t helped either so working on posture is a major goal for me this year.
  • Pay down my Discover Card balance
    • This one is going to take some major self-control and discipline. I have a decent amount of debt on this card (it’s my longest credit card) so I really want to pay it down if not pay it all off.
  • Lose 100 lbs by 12/31/2020
    • Yes, it sounds like a lot but honestly, for me, it’s not. And it should be easily attainable. I have started Non-Dairy Keto and have different milestone goals throughout the year to achieve this. I am excited to start seeing results and hopefully fit into more of the clothes in my closet.
  • Run one race a month
    • The distances will differ but I want to run a race a month. My first race is the Frisco Cocoa Classic 5K on 1/18. My second one is the Hot Chocolate 10K in February. Still deciding about my March through October ones but I know I will run a Turkey Trot in November as well as another run in December.
  • Be more philanthropic
    • I’m hoping to become a little more giving this year. I didn’t realize how many charities I already give to for work (JDRF, Bonton Farms, Patriot Paws) but I would like to do better and maybe devote time. This will be hard for me because throwing money at something is much easier and I am just one of those people that doesn’t like volunteering. So..should be fun.
  • Learn 2 new skills
    • I’m still trying to pin this down. One skill I want to learn is either Knitting or re-learn Crocheting. There are pros and cons to both and I’m not sure which one yet. The other one would be another craft skill. I would love to be able to learn to sew (like really sew, not just making pillow cases lol). Or maybe even wood-working. Like I said, still trying to decide (I may end up choosing both).
  • Be more consistent on the blog
    • One thing that I have been toying with is to incorporate non-fitness and health items into the weekly posts. Maybe a craft or décor post, maybe a “like of the week”, book, something. I have a hard time keeping up my motivation to post which is why I have been thinking about adding those other things into it. But it’s hard to find your “voice” when you don’t really feel like your voice is any different than anyone else’s haha. I have been toying with changing the name (again) but we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted – and any thoughts you have on that, let me know!

I know sometimes people choose a word for the year also. A few weeks ago, I was sitting in the lobby of KwikKar waiting on my car to be finished and picked up the Magnolia Journal from January. Jo decided to do a word for each quarter (or season, I couldn’t really tell). The first word was authenticity. That has really stuck out to me for the past few days so that’s my word. I really want to be and live authentically.

Here is a picture of the word in the magazine:

Authenticity - source: Magnolia Journal

Something about this word struck some chord within me. I think maybe because sometimes, especially in the age of social media, there is an unauthentic quality that I feel from certain people I follow and even from myself. Like you have to act/be a certain person in front of others or at least that’s the story or the “brand” you have to portray. But I’d like to continue working on showing the authentic me. This is more so in my work life, sometimes in my personal life, but really just to be me in whatever appropriate way I’m able to do that in the context.

Overall, I’m excited for 2020. I know it’s going to be an interesting year in media and social media with the election. I really am so exhausted by everything that I want to ostrich everything away (put my head in the sand). In all of my 2020 posts, I want to post more positive items to break it up.

What are some of your resolutions? Comment them below if you want! I am trying to work on visuals of everything because if you put it in the universe, it’s bound to come back right?

Have an amazing week everyone. I love you all!

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