Year In Review (12 Days of Xmas Challenge Too)

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you have had a great start to your December. Can you believe we are almost in January? AND another decade? Law, so much has changed in the last one – who knows what will change in the next one.

Since we are in the last month of 2019, I’m doing a last ditch effort to lose some lbs before 2020. Starting Friday (the 13th!) I am completing a 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. The last day will be 12/24 and I plan on logging 12 miles from running/walking in the 12 days as well as lose 12 lbs! That sounds like a lot, but it’s really not for my size. So fingers crossed. Join me in your own version of 12 Days if you want!

I would like to recap my project from this year on the different quarterly diets. As a recap, here was my plan:

  • January – March – Keto Diet
  • April – June – Vegetarian Diet
  • July – September – Meal Replacements/Shakes
  • October – December – Mediterranean Diet + Calorie Count

Keto went well. I didn’t lose as much weight as I should have because I would cheat on the weekends (this will become a running theme). I gained the most weight back after Keto when I started doing Vegetarian. You are mainly going from no carbs and all meat, to all carbs and no meat haha. Great planning on my part. Meal Replacements went well in the first month but then I got bored and demotivated to continue doing it. This last “semester” has been interesting because I haven’t really lost much weight. I keep fluctuating when I cheat on the weekends but overall I have felt better on a calorie count and the Mediterranean Diet.

Here are my suggestions:

Being vegetarian is much easier than you think. There are a lot of vegetarian options out there and you save a bit of money at the grocery store from not buying the proteins. You do feel a little better when you are vegetarian because you feel lighter but you are also helping the planet by lowering meat consumption.

Meal Replacements are great but unless you have a will power like nobody’s business, this one aint for you. Slim Fast was much better for me than the others and they have Keto versions as well. But it was nice to only have one meal to plan every day. Just not super sustainable.

Keto – so keto is a weird animal. There is A LOT of information on keto and they are all contradictory to each other. And I don’t feel like there is a true “one way” to do Keto. I liked it because you do lose weight fast and it’s super motivating. It’s also extremely de-motivating when you cheat and gain a lot back. I had issues with Keto because I have a sensitivity to dairy and that’s a big chunk of what you eat on keto. If I could find a way to do a non-dairy keto (and there probably is a way) then I would go back to it. It is sustainable but only if you really stick your mind to it. Once you’ve gotten to a point where you’re happy with where you are, you can slowly add some carb-y things back in.

Calorie Counting – I used to HATE calorie counting. I wasn’t a fan of Weight Watchers either because I got super anxious when I had to count stuff. This time around was different, I didn’t mind it. I also set a decent goal for my daily intake and I think that really helped too. The first month was gangbusters – my motivation was there and I lost about 10 pounds. THEN the second month came and I screwed it all up haha. I didn’t work out much which isn’t great for dieting in general. So I just ate and ate bad. So gained it back and never really got my motivation back

Mediterranean Diet – I have actually really enjoyed this diet. It’s similar to Keto in the fact that they don’t want you eating the “white carbs” and a lot of processed items. If you eat a grain or a bread, they want it to be whole grain or whole wheat. I’ve been baking my own bread a lot lately which has been fun and have found some great Mediterranean diet deserts and muffin recipes. The only thing is that there is no suggestion of how much to eat of anything. It gives you “portions per day” that are suggested but it’s very vague. I just like it because I have not been eating a lot of dairy and I can really tell. I’ve pretty much given up all dairy in the past few weeks (with the exception of a cheat pizza but even then I usually ask for no cheese) and that part has been going really well.

Overall, I don’t know if one is better than the other? It really just depends on you and what you want to eat and not eat. Do you want to be super restrictive? Do you want freedom to have a dessert every now and then? But one thing I want to continue to stress to everyone, no one diet works for everyone. And even in that diet, there are things that may not work for you. I did keto before it was keto and ate stuff that keto people freak out about. And I lost weight. It’s about your calories in and calories out (which is not necessarily exercise). I’m still trying to decide what my goal will be for next year as far as diet plan. I like Mediterranean but having the freedom to eat desserts doesn’t always work out in my favor lol.

I would like to note, my exercise has varied and been super sporadic throughout the entire year. So a lot of this was mainly eating and not really working out. That is something I plan on bringing back in 2020. I need to be more active in general and I’ve gotten into a very sedentary state.

I hope you have enjoyed my notes. It’s been a fun year trying this! Now I know what my body likes and doesn’t.

Have a great week!

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