October – 2020 Countdown

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all have had a great September and are ready for what October has to offer 🙂 It has been a busy month and I was very demotivated to do pretty much anything so my posts completely stopped. But I have a new-ish wind beneath my wings now haha.

First, can you believe it’s already October? We are in the last quarter of the year!! Where has the time gone. Second, my birthday was last week! 29 what what. Last year of my 20s (ahhhhhh). Third, I am on a new diet this quarter – thank god. I was over the shakes. My sister is doing this thing from Rachel Hollis, the Last 90 Days or something like that. Basically, instead of “turning off” and coasting through the rest of the year, it’s your last chance to get things done and go into 2020 with a healthier/better/richer/etc. you. I really like that! So I want to do that too.

I pulled my resolutions from earlier this year and I forgot that I had made some of them bahaha. You can check out the list here but I’m going to see what I’ve done so far.

One big one was my diet/food challenges where I tried a different diet every 3 months. I feel like I’ve don’t ok except I originally was supposed to have a vegan quarter and I nixed that when I was vegetarian. And not because I don’t think I could do it, but with work and everything not being super vegetarian friendly, I know vegan was going to be work. Work that I didn’t feel like putting in and knew that I would stop after a few weeks.

My health/exercise goal hasn’t happened at all lol. I had down to complete 2 half marathons (nope) and one 5K each quarter (double nope). I do have a 5K Turkey Trot I’m going to walk in November and hopefully run a 5K in December. I do have a half marathon plan that I am going to try but I need to get back into better shape before I really dive into that. Maybe a half first quarter next year?

Wealth/Career goal was to “find something you love to do and you won’t work a day in your life”. Mmhmm.

My Self goal was to work on getting rid of clutter, devote some time to the everyday care (face/skin, hair, mental health), and spend more time with ones I love. Yeah this one hasn’t been good either lol. I had a skin routine I used to do (still do half of it) but my skin’s ok I guess. Hair, I have a good hair routine and other than dying, I have pretty healthy hair. Mental health, it’s not bad. I’ve had lots of off days recently but at least I’m acknowledging them and looking to fix it. Spending more time with loved ones – I feel like I’ve done opposite and never really go home anymore. Getting rid of clutter – work in progress but I will say Marie Kondo has really helped with this.

So I think I have some ground to make up! As I mentioned, I plan on at least two 5ks before the year is up and hopefully a half marathon in the first half of the year. I could just sign up for the Hot chocolate run again and not run it bahaha.

One housekeeping note, I have gone back to Big Boy Running Club. It was hard to get everything the same when it was Big Boy Health. And I missed BBRC. I will also be deactivating the IG and Facebook pages for BBRC at the end of the month. I’m just tired of doing 2 when I have better reach on my personal pages. I hope you all have a great week – we are in spooky season now 🙂


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