Month Hiatus, Summertime Sadness, and Spoons?

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday! It has taken me about a week to write this post mainly because I originally really didn’t have much to talk about but then something happened that definitely gave me content.

It has been a while, August has been a weird and busy month. I had a mini-vacay/long-weekend the first weekend which was awesome and much needed. Went to Galveston with my Mom and it was nice to really spend the entire time at the beach and just relax. BUT since I was on vacay, I ate terribly. And gained a decent amount of weight back. Since then, I’ve been terrible all month. Still tried SlimFast but I think I was burnt out or just being lazy. I missed food haha.

Then Wednesday morning came around, I jumped on the scale (shouldn’t have) and saw a number that I have never seen before on the scale. It’s one of those numbers where I had a moment of “holy sh*t”. One of those numbers that if I don’t do something now, I won’t come back. You will end up seeing me in a few years on My 600-lb Life. That type of thing.

Add that with a check-up from the doctor and my liver enzyme being too high, for the umpteenth time, and you’d think I would be gung-ho on losing weight. And I am but, with the character trait I got from both sides of my family, I’m avoiding it. If I avoid it, it goes away right? Not this time.

After looking back on August, I think I was going through a “summertime sadness” or something. I had very hard mood swings and most of them were low. It was extremely hot in Texas most of the month which forces you inside for the most part and maybe that had a role in it? But I stopped working out, didn’t run or walk much at all, and really only went outside when I absolutely had to (walking dog, walking into buildings from cars, etc.).

I know I have talked about this before (link) but you know how people with chronic diseases talk about the Spoon Theory. This last month has made me realize that it’s more complex than I even thought. Let’s say I start out with 10 spoons each morning. I wake up and get ready, that could be 2 spoons. Walk the dog, 1 spoon. Get to work and I have 7 spoons left for the day. They can be used up in any way that is overly physical or emotional. But I’ve realized is that let’s say I have 7 spoons when I get to work and then I decide to eat something that is not super healthy for breakfast. That weakens one of my spoons. So now instead of 7 spoons, it’s more like 6 ½. Then, let’s grab a soda (which really have been killing my body lately) and it may drop down to 6. And I never really thought about it that way until last month. Food is fuel and do you want to put unleaded, diesel, or the eco-friendly/corn syrup/clean kind.

Now what?

We are in September (which is crazy). I’m taking the Labor Day weekend to really re-connect with my goals and try and get my life back in order. Hopefully can at least clean the apartment because that always seems to make me feel better. I hope to get outside and get Vitamin D and maybe even some endorphins going with a walk or run. I signed up with some of my co-workers for a boot camp tomorrow morning and (even though I’m already telling people I’ll probably fake because, hey I know my flaws) I’m actually wanting to go. We’ll see.

I have one month left of the meal replacement shakes. I’m using up the remainder of my SlimFast and then trying some Herbalife. Not sure if it will change anything but I’ll keep you posted J

I hope I have a better mood and tone for the next post. I hope you all have a great and safe Labor Day weekend. Wear sunscreen. Drink water. Live life!

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