Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Happy Friday and last Friday of July!! I really felt July just started, it has flown by. SlimFast meal replacements are still going well. I am down 8lbs total, which is nice! Could use a few more pounds down but just have to keep at it.

Over the past year+ I have made huge strides in self-image/body positivity. I really am comfortable with my body and how I look. I’m loving myself more now than I ever have before and recognizing that while I need to change things, I am still happy now. Then this week comes, and we got pictures from a work event where we had a professional photographer. And let me tell you the confidence blow that had. Granted, I know that they are candid’s and have terrible angles, but Lord almighty they were bad. The puffiness, the side neck (which always seems to give away the weight), and my posture really did me no justice. It was rough. And it really did take me back and kinda put me in a funk on my progress. 5 photos made me forget all of my progress, physical and mental. Isn’t that crazy how images and what we see in the mirror can change it all?

This is the picture

Now I’m trying not to think about it too much and to take this as inspiration for a great set of “before” pictures. But you better believe I did more walks and runs this week haha. Now there is some science as to why we look fatter in pictures/film and it has to do with barrel lenses, blah blah. But that doesn’t help my confidence! (Haha)

What’s interesting too, up until about a year+ ago I realized I didn’t have a lot of photos of myself. Other than the occasional selfie, I subconsciously stayed out of the camera’s way. And then you look back on events or gatherings and question if you were even there. So I have made it a habit to try to be in more pictures (good or bad) because at the end of the day, I’m the only one who cares how fat I am. No one else really does.

Moral of the story – pictures lie! 😊

Have a great weekend everyone. Next week is going to busy with a conference at work (not sure how I’ll do with my meal plan) and then going to the beach on Friday for a long weekend. So excited to destress a bit and get some Vitamin Sea.


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