Should We Drink Dairy?

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all are having a great week. We are in mid-June and can I tell you I’m ready to not be a vegetarian lol. I’m ready for a change. I’m trying to be aware of my calories so I don’t gain any more weight but I’m ready for the scale to go the other way lol. 

So if you aren’t from my hometown, then you don’t know the drama that inspires my post today. Back home, we have what’s called a Dairy Festival every year. There are a week full of activities along with a Dairy Festival Queen competition and pageant. Somehow, this year, vegan and animal activists heard about the festival and decided to come to spread their message. There was a lot of information and not so nice things being spread all over Facebook (from both sides) which was fun. Ended up being a fine weekend BUT it made me think about my relationship with dairy. So here we go!

Now there are studies beyond studies that talk about how cow’s milk (goat’s milk, etc.) is only beneficial for the calf or young of that animal. And when we as human’s consume this, there are so many hormones and everything to make the young grow, it makes us fatter. Plus the industry has some shady parts (the bad farms that don’t do what is right) and then the conspiracy theories of how it relates to Big Pharma, etc. I personally have a lactose intolerance to a degree. I stopped drinking cows milk probably 10 years ago. I started with Almond Milk when I was in college because I did Meatless Monday’s and Vegan Thursday’s. It’s gone from almond milk to coconut milk and now I prefer and drink pea milk and oat milk. I don’t have anything against cows milk and probably could go back but now I’m used to not having it lol. However, I still use cows creamer in my coffee. The non-dairy creamers just don’t compare in my opinion. The closest consistency and taste that I have found is the barista style pea milk creamer that I can only get from Target. 

Cheese. I’ve been upfront that this is one of the things I can’t change lol. I don’t mind some of the fake cheeses but you just can’t compare with the “real stuff”. Ice cream is the same way, although ice cream wrecks me every time. 

ANYWAY. I don’t have an opinion either way and I my reasoning for not drinking milk is straight up dietary and digestive lol. But it was interesting to see people’s reactions but also see how stereotypical both sides thought the other was.

I hope you all have a great week. I am starting back running, got a good 2 miler in yesterday. I have an ultimate goal of a half marathon in December so I have plenty of time to get ready. Just need to drop some lbs to make it easier 😊

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