Fat for the Summer, Part Deux

Happy Tuesday! I hope your Memorial Day weekend was safe and fun. I actually had Memorial Day off this year but didn’t do a damn thing. I wanted to do a part 2 of the “Fat for the Summer” and this one is talking about being “beach body” ready. You always hear people in the winter/spring talking about getting summer or beach ready. Some weight loss and fitness programs use this too! Because it’s something we ALL think about. And while I’m all about someone feeling good in their skin and trying to improve what they don’t like; you also have to love the skin you’re in now. I know I’ve talked about this before, but the best beach body for you is the body you have now. You shouldn’t feel ashamed about what you look like because, 90% of the time no one cares. I say 90% because, I’ll be honest, I’ve been that person that has judged others but it’s because I was insecure.

If you aren’t feeling the skin you’re in, there are some things you can do if you go to a pool or beach -setting. First thing is to get a cute swimsuit or outfit. Find something that fits you well or you absolutely love! Feeling like you look good to yourself helps your confidence so much. Second thing is, if you have a swimsuit you feel good in but still feel self-conscious, grab a nice cover-up. For me, I’ll grab a nice short-sleeve button up shirt that I’ll keep open or if I’m feeling super bad about myself, I’ll grab one of my compression shirts and just wear that (and get fun tan lines lol). Last thing is, get in the pool or the water. You’ll be covering yourself up with the water and you look distorted from the surface so who cares haha.

But you have to realize that seriously, no one cares. And if they do, what will that do for you? “What other people think is none of my business”. If they make fun of you in their mind or to their friends and you have no idea, who cares? You’ll never know. So just assume they are talking about how awesome you look. 😊

I hope you have a great week! Wear sunscreen if you are going out in the sun. I started a morning workout today so hopefully that will continue 😊


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