Global Running Day

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope the first few days of May have been good to you J Sorry for the silence last week – it got super busy with work and I was so exhausted when I got home each day. I do have a fun little story for you today. The hotel brand I work for has a strong culture of wellness and health. Some of their pillars are Eat Well, Sleep Well, Feel Well, etc. you get the picture. They are also big on people’s passions and what makes them happy. On my name tag, under where a typical title would go it says, “My Passion”. I listed my passion as running, since I do like running and training for runs. Fast forward to Monday. The hotel brand rolls out their Global Running Day information and the Front Office Director comes to me and says “hey, I see your passion is running so do you want to lead this for us?”.

So you’re looking at the Global Running Day Concierge for my hotel! Global Running is on Wednesday, June 5th and I will be hosting a 2 mile run that morning for guests of my hotel! How cool!? On that topic, I started a team for the Global Running Day and I’d love for you to join. You don’t even have to run but it would be fun for us all to get together and put our miles in.


Add your pledge below:


I hope you all have a great week. I hopefully have some better posts coming in the future haha. 😊

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