I’m a Plant, You’re a Plant

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you all have had a great week so far. I somehow managed the energy and motivation and started working out again this week. I know it’s only Wednesday (I ran on Monday and did a long walk last night with the doggo) but hey, that’s better than nothing! I am still trying to narrow down which 5K I am wanting to do in June but I will hopefully make that decision soon.

So today will be a little shorter but I’m also gonna make a real annoying analogy J About 2 weeks ago when I was walking Sara and we went dumpster diving (don’t judge, it’s my new favorite thing), I found a plan that was put out by the dumpster entrance. There really wasn’t anything wrong with it, it was a tree plant that wouldn’t really stay upright but it had great green leaves (a few dry and crispy edges) and was in overall great condition. I get it, you didn’t want to take a plant with you but still, it was by no means dead. So I grabbed it and put it out on my balcony. I didn’t know what type of plant it was but knew right away that it needed water. I have some vague knowledge of plants and you are supposed to let them dry out, however this one was Sahara dry. So I water it a little and left it outside until I figured out what to do. Because it had a weird plastic pot, it kept falling over and the leaves kept getting smooshed. So two nights ago, I grabbed one of my bigger pots and replanted it. Made sure it was well watered again (it dried out real quick) and put it inside next to my balcony door for light. Then I figured, oh hey I better find out what kind of plant this is so I can take care of it properly. I am 90% sure it’s a Fig Tree which does need watering but also dry out between waters. I don’t have the correct type of pot for it because I need drainage holes so I may drill holes into later haha. But I trimmed off the crispy and brown edges. Got all of the gross extra dead foliage off of it and right now, it looks like it needs some work. It is not very full, it has maybe 5 actual leaves all over it and those have been trimmed. But it struck me last night, I am that plant. I have been working on my weight loss and healthy lifestyle for years. I have moments when I’m thriving and thinner and happier. I have moments when I’ve let myself go and feel fat and feel gross. But I’ve never thrown it all away because I didn’t think it was fixable. I (hopefully) can bring this plant back to its good years: full leaves, lots of leaves, etc. It will take work, but it’s something I’m willing to do. And I’m in that mentality about myself. I’m in the gross, crispy and brown edges stage but I want to take the type and put in the work to get back to my full-leaf-good years. And you should too!

So now that’s over J I plan on starting a squat challenge on May 1 – want to do it with me? I will post more information on that later but I’m going to make you want to do it by telling this quick story. A few years ago, I bought the Brazilian Butt Lift DVDs from BeachBody and one of the things they tell you to do (outside of measuring yourself) is the pencil test. What’s the pencil test, you ask? It’s where you stand up straight, normal stance and take a pencil (preferably the Ticonderoga ones lol) and place it in the part of your body where your butt reaches your leg. If you place the pencil there and it sticks, it means your butt needs some work and can be lifted. If it doesn’t, it means you have a pretty firm and high butt. I ALMOST DIED WHEN THAT DANG PENCIL STUCK THERE. So now you will try it and see how gross you feel haha.

Have a great week everyone!!

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