I’m Back. And Vegetarian?

Happy Tuesday y’all. It has been a minute since I’ve written a post. Took a little break, a spring break if you will. I had some things pop up in my personal life that really just drained me emotionally and my energy was spent most days. I stopped my reading challenge, blew Lent pretty much altogether, and my diet was shot to heck. But I’m back, I’m fat, and I’m vegetarian. And also ready for the new month and new chapter J

First things first (first thing’s first? First thing is first?), I am updating the name of my blog. If you haven’t noticed already, I’m changing the name of the blog from Big Boy Running Club to Big Boy Health. There were multiple reasons but I think one is because it is easier to say ha! But for real, I really haven’t touched on running much in the past year or as much as I should/could. So why have a blog that has running in the title if I don’t talk about it much? My focus has not shifted, I am still planning on a half marathon in October with races in between. But I think the “Running” always held me back to talk about other workouts and stuff. Idk – the website url will not be changing until I can figure out how to switch it without spending an arm and a leg J

Second, I finished Keto. And thank the Lord. I have been doing it for about 6-9 months overall but I’m done. Here are my thoughts on Keto: It’s a great diet in the beginning but not long term (at least for me).

·         Pros: You are able to drop weight pretty quickly in the beginning while your body shifts from carbs to fat. And like, I lost 10 lbs the first week I did it for real. You taper off after about 2-3 weeks but it was still about 1-2 lbs a week. Energy seemed to be slightly higher than when I ate carbs. I definitely didn’t have that after lunch slump like I do most of the time.

·         Cons: For someone who has had stomach and bowel issues, eating a lot of fat is TERRIBLE for you. It’s also kind of hard for someone who is also lactose intolerant when you eat LOTS of cheese. If I ever cheated or had something I wasn’t supposed to have, I would gain weight almost instantly. And that up and down (because I weigh daily) was rough for my mental health.

Now that Keto is over, I am on to being a Vegetarian. I am nervous because this requires eating more grains than you obviously would eat on Keto and becoming a vegetarian doesn’t mean you lose weight automatically. So I actually have to pay attention to my calorie intake and output (snore). My vegetarianism will be no meat, but I will still eat dairy and eggs (because those are just by-products and I’ll give that up when I’m vegan). But I am excited, I was always very successful at my Meatless Mondays so it should be fun to do it for 3 months. Right?

Third, I straight up didn’t run my 5K in March. Like, I was so distracted and low energy that I 100% forgot to pick up my packet and didn’t run. So there’s that. I have not signed up for the one in June yet but that is still my most immediate goal. Especially since the weather has gotten better around here, now I will have no excuse to not run J AND I moved to a new apartment complex in the area and it’s like super outdoors-y and people are like…being active outside. Who does that? I don’t want to be that fat person living on the third floor that always orders Uber Eats and GrubHub so I guess I gotta start doing stuff. *eyeroll*

I would like to thank you all for sticking with me. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve started this thing and I have learned a lot about myself and being a “blogger” in general. I hope you all have a wonderful week and great start to your April!

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