Losing Focus and Forgetting Your Routine

Happy Wednesday! I figured with the holiday I would post a day late 😊 Actually it’s because I’ve been traveling and got back Sunday, so I needed a day. ANYWAY, just coming off from traveling for almost 2 weeks and boy am I out of whack. I think my body semi got used to the east coast time zone and now I’m all thrown off. I did ok with food, I weighed and lost 6 lbs since before I left. I’ll take that. But I’m completely out of the element now.

I would wake up, work an 11-hour day probably, go eat, and then go to bed. That laziness has come with me here! I have absolutely no desire to go work out or run after or before work. I was also about three quarters of the way complete with the KonMari method of tidying and now I don’t want to finish haha.

So how do I get myself back on track? Well, I’m signing up for 2 races. One is going to be in March. I have a few I’m trying to decide between but will let you know which one I decide. And then I am going to sign up for the Texas Bluebonnet Race in McKinney in April. They will only be 5Ks but this will help me get back on track. It’s been a good while since I’ve run – so I need to start now haha.

The unfortunate news is that I will be traveling again next week for another 2 weeks but I plan on being more active this time. I have taken my workout clothes each time I’ve gone but I will use it this time. I won’t have to spend as much time in the office (fingers crossed) so I can devote more time to a workout.

I am almost complete with month one of Keto. It has been going okay – I haven’t been 100% which is frustrating. But I plan on posting my grocery receipts for you to see what my cost has been this month.

I hope you all have a great week!

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