Being Thankful in Order to be Giving

Happy Tuesday everyone! It is the week of Turkey Day! 😊 Whoop. Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday of the year because the food is always delicious, and, in our family, we have the some of the same items every year, and then some are surprises. I am going to try to make some healthy/keto friendly options like the cornbread recipe from last week to bring as well. I don’t want to go too crazy on the sugar because I have to be ready for Black Friday shopping that night!

I hope you all did well on the water challenge last week. Saturday was hard for me because I was busy and wasn’t thinking about it. But I am going to continue drinking the same amount of water each day until the end of the year – you should try to!

This week’s challenge is an emotional one: The Thankful Challenge. I want you to think of 5 things every day that you are thankful for. They can be the same each day or they can be different, it doesn’t matter. I will be posting mine on my social medias each day, and if you do the same, tag me in them! One of the reasons I wanted to do this was because, obviously, it’s Thanksgiving week. I remember in school we used to go around and say what we were thankful for and sometimes at our Thanksgiving lunch as well. But the other reason I chose this challenge was because we are always so wrapped up in what we need or what we are lacking. I was trying to think of my 5 thankfuls this morning and I had a hard time because I’m not used to thinking that way. Here are mine from Day 1:

1.       I am thankful for my apartment and the ability to have a stable shelter.

2.       I am thankful for my car and the ability to have reliable transportation.

3.       I am thankful for my job and the income it provides.

4.       I am thankful for being alive.

5.       I am thankful for my dog, Sara, because she gives me a little bit of purpose.

Super simple, and I will most likely recycle some of these, but it did take me a little bit to come up with these. It is nice to take a step back, 30,000-foot view, and look at what you have. In order to progress, you must remember where you came from and know where you are currently.  

Shorter post this week. If you are traveling this week to be with family, be careful! It’s a busy time for travel and it can be crazy. If you are not going to be with family or friends this week, then know that you are loved and missed. Get ready for the all of the food posts on social medias (mine included) Thursday 😊 As a reminder, here are the challenges:

Week 1 – November 11th through November 17th – Water Challenge
Week 2 – November 18th through November 24th – Thankful Challenge
Week 3 – November 25th through December 1st – DietBet Begins, 30 Min. Daily Exercise Challenge
Week 4 – December 2nd through December 8th – No Carbs/No Sweets Challenge
Week 5 – December 9th through December 15th –Daily Push Up Challenge
Week 6 – December 16th through December 22nd – Last Week of DietBet, One Salad Per Day Challenge
Week 7 – December 23rd through December 29th – Daily Squat Challenge
Last 2 days – December 30th and 31st – Final Days Challenge

Oh! I did create the DietBet, it begins on Sunday, November 25th. The DietBet is called the Big Boy Running Club Diet Bet. It is a $15 entry and lasts for 4 weeks. Goal is to lose 4% of your weight within those 4 weeks. I hope you join – I have added the link here.

Have a wonderful week, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday if you are shopping. Love you all!

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