Seasons are Changing and so am I

Happy Wednesday! Sorry for the day late post, it was a busy weekend and Monday so 😊 I hope your water challenge is going well – I have upped my water and visiting the loo more often; yay! As a reminder, here are the challenges for the next 7 weeks:

  • Week 1 – November 11th through November 17th – Water Challenge

  • Week 2 – November 18th through November 24th – Thankful Challenge

  • Week 3 – November 25th through December 1st – DietBet Begins, 30 Min. Daily Exercise Challenge

  • Week 4 – December 2nd through December 8th – No Carbs/No Sweets Challenge

  • Week 5 – December 9th through December 15th –Daily Push Up Challenge

  • Week 6 – December 16th through December 22nd – Last Week of DietBet, One Salad Per Day Challenge

  • Week 7 – December 23rd through December 29th – Daily Squat Challenge

  • Last 2 days – December 30th and 31st – Final Days Challenge

I did push the DietBet back one week since that is the week of Thanksgiving 😊 So now we will end the week prior to Christmas. Next week is the thankful challenge. This is more of an emotional healing challenge. Every day, write down at least 5 things you are thankful for. It can be something big or something small and they can change from day to day. Since we are in Thanksgiving Week, it’s nice to reflect on our blessings and good things we have. So many things bog us down on the day to day, we have to remember what we have.

This week, I want to talk about something a little heavy (ha, no pun intended). I want to touch on mental health a little because while physical and body health is important, emotional is as well. Mental Health is an overarching term and I am by no means and MD or PhD. But I’m going to talk about my experiences, like always.

Here is some background: I have anxiety driven depression, diagnosed about 3 years ago. On meds, whoop! Fun stuff (especially because my insurance sucks and I pay $50 for a 30-day supply; generic). I think I have had depression since my junior year in high school but never realized that’s what it was until I started taking meds to “get better”. There are a lot of things that contribute to the problem and I am working to fix most of those issues, the main one being stress. Which – how do you get away from that! But stress is more than just work. It could be financial, stress of choices/options, small stressors, lack of sleep.

2 weeks ago, I was thinking how I’ve been doing well lately with my mood and mood swings and thinking how I might want to change my dosage to a lower dosage, which also means less money right? Then BAM, time change and cold weather changed ALL of that. People talk about seasonal depression and y’all, it’s real. Time change has messed up my circadian rhythm and it being dark at 5pm has really started messing with me. My dog doesn’t experience time change so I’m getting up earlier and getting less sleep. And if you read my short posts on sleep, you know it’s important. Then add in the cold weather, which I’m not prepared for because most of my clothes from last year don’t fit right (too small), so I never want to go outside. And for someone suffering from depression, one of the worst things is non-movement and being holed up in your room or house. But I’ve started noticing my mood swings are worse, my attitude has changed a lot, I’ve been more on the brink of tears lately for no reason. So definitely not getting a lower dosage, but lord maybe a higher dosage 😊

For those that may not suffer from depression, I don’t mean being in a bad mood or a low mood. On meds, I have many more good days than bad. But I like to relate it to the spoon metaphor (spoon metaphor is used a lot in referring to chronic illnesses). Let’s say I start the day with 15 spoons and every thing I do throughout the day costs me a spoon. So I wake up and brush my teeth, down one spoon. I take my dog for a walk, 2 spoons. Drive to work, 1 spoon. Have my morning meetings and interactions, depending on the day, can be 2-5 spoons. Sometimes, I hit 1pm and I’m out of spoons which means, I’m out of energy and done for the day. But it’s 1pm so I can’t just go home. So I borrow spoons from the next day. And if you know me, I replenish my spoons on the weekend by not doing anything and it shows in how nasty and messy my apartment is.

But I talk about this is for 2 reasons. One being, it’s okay to realize when you aren’t okay. I have been debating the past 6 months on finding a therapist, but that costs money so it hasn’t been something I’ve done. I’m glad I have a doctor who didn’t prescribe without really diagnosing me and suggesting people to talk with but maybe you should talk to your doctor. Or reach out to a therapist. Second, check on your friends and family. This time of year is very hard for people because it’s heavy family time. And it’s not that people don’t like family, but it brings up a lot of feelings and issues; moreso introspective feelings and issues. One thing I always struggle with during this time of year, is that I am still very single and not where I’m supposed to be at compared to my “family plan/timeline”. Which, I have come to terms with it not happening or not happening how I need it to but that’s another story 😊 But when you see happiness, it actually makes some people unhappy because they don’t have that happiness per say. Anyway, check on your friends 😊

Now, since we are talking about this and are getting into a time of giving and thankfulness along with the “holiday spirit”, please be kind to people. You never know what is going on in someone’s head or life. So instead of honking at someone who cut you off, don’t. Hold a door open for someone. Compliment someone. Buy someone’s coffee. Just…be kind.

Love you all. I hope you have a great week ahead and into the holidays. We are halfway through the water challenge – have you noticed any difference in your body other than going to the restroom more? Comment below if you see or feel any differences.

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