Healthy While Sick

So I didn’t really know what to talk about today but since we are almost out of summer, I wanted to touch on being sick and how stay healthy during. Let me start by saying it’s real hard. 😃


So when you’re sick one of the most important things is to stay hydrated. Be that through drinking as much water as you physically can or even throwing in a Gatorade/Powerade every now and then for them there electrolytes. I usually water down a Gatorade or Powerade mainly because they are too sweet for me. But being dehydrated sometimes makes your symptoms worse but definitely doesn’t help anything.


Now depending on what you have, the food will change. I know no matter what sickness I’m suffering from, I typically don’t eat much. But one of my favorite things to eat with any of them is a good hot soup or broth. If you stick with straight chicken or beef broth, maybe throw in some veggies, and you’re good. Fills your tummy and usually helps immunity in general because you’re getting nutrition in you.


Should you exercise when sick? Shoot, no one wants to right? The ‘rule’ is if it’s neck up (throat, sinus, headache) then you should do it. A lot of times it will help those symptoms. It increases blood flow which usually helps relieve pressure, etc. If it’s neck down (stomach, muscles, whatever else) then don’t. Or do something very modified. You don’t want no extra accident while working out 😂


Now I’m about to plug a product. Elderberry syrup. I heard this from Jenna on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show. She was saying how one of her friends will drink a little bit of this each day but especially when she’s feeling a little sick and she won’t get sick. If you research the elderberry there are a crap ton of benefits. But I personally have used it and I’m a believer 😃 link is below to buy from Amazon.

I hope you all have a great week! Third week of keto is going well, I lost an additional 5 lbs last week. Whoop! And my birthday is next week! 


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