It’s All in Me

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all are having a great week so far. So I had a completely different topic planned today but changed it because I had one of those drive-home-epiphanies.

Yesterday as I was on my way home from work, I was jamming music like usual. I have been wearing out the Mamma Mia 2, Cher’s ABBA Covers, and ABBA’s greatest hits for about a month now so I switched over to Ariana Grande’s new album, Sweetener. Her song “God is a woman” is very catchy, obviously full of illusions and double entrendes but for some reason one part hit me that I can apply to my life. In the hook/pre- chorus, here is what is says:

And I can be all the things you told me not to be

When you try to come for me, I keep on flourishing

And he see the universe when I’m in company

It’s all in me

Bolded part is the main focus lol. For some reason, this struck a chord in me. We all have reasons to be better, lose weight, gain weight, whatever. We always want to prove people wrong, it’s nature for some reason. I’m guilty of feeling good about the fact that some of the people I went to college with or high school with have gained weight 😂 and probably vice verse. But the last line, it’s all in me, stuck out. I am the one that makes the change. I am the one that lets things change me.

Last week was a struggle to get to my gym workouts. I would make and come up with any excuse. Mainly, poor planning and being tired. But it’s all in me – I decide to let being tired make me lay on the couch to chill or get up and go to the gym. I decide if I really want to eat healthy and lose weight. I decide if I really want to change how my arms look. I decide if I really want to train for my half marathon in October. It’s all in me.

And it’s all in you! WE can do this. But we make the decision to do it. For whatever reason, it’s all in us.

– side note – I also keep thinking about Whitney Houston’s song I’m Every Woman as well 😂😂 “it’s all in meeeeeee”

So, if you are less than motivated this week, just say to yourself – it’s all in me.

Have a great week!


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