Healthy Vacations

Since we are in summer (really on the second half of it) I figured I would talk about taking vacations and still being healthy and working out. Now, I’m no expert because I still have a hard time with it, but just because you are on vacay doesn’t mean you can just derail everything.

One thing I always say is to not completely mess up your schedule while you’re gone. Maybe don’t do your full on workout but at least go to the gym as much as you would not on vacation. For me, when I get out of the habit of going or I mess the routine of it, I won’t get back to it after vacation.

I’m not a consumer of alcohol, but go easy on that too. There can be lots of sugars in drinks so try to get something as close to straight up as you can. Or limit your beverages to just evening. You don’t want to feel all bloated on alcohol the entire time. Some of your clothes won’t fit (coming from personal experience)!

Don’t go crazy on food. Again, don’t want to not fit in your clothes. But also, what’s the fun in completely changing your diet because your body will hate you: stomach issues, sluggish/no energy, heartburn (the big one for me). Now I’m not saying don’t splurge, just don’t splurge every meal.

One thing that I plan on doing more is to plan excursions or site seeing so I’m forced to walk or be moving. That way I won’t spend ALL of my time in my room (because let’s be honest, that’s the best part). Taken from a quote from Will & Grace, what’s better than traveling and staying inside? You want to know what their Coke tastes like and watch MTV in a different language 😂

Do y’all have any exciting plans for vacations this year? Mine isn’t until November/December after my half marathon. What are some ways for you to stay healthy or not overindulge during your vacays?

Have a great rest of your week!


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