100 Days Update

Happy Tuesday! Today is going to be a 100 days update. I’m about 30 days in and we’ll go through the list to see what I’ve done. As a reminder, here was the 100 Day Challenge list:

  • 100 Days of…
    • No Soda (this will kill me because I can throw down on some Diet Cokes)
    • No Plastic Straws (plastic straws was the big reason of my Zero Waste journey and I have really been slacking lately)
    • 100 Miles – run 100 miles total over the 100 days (should be easy right??)
    • Three 30 Day Challenges – so obviously this is only 90 days but I plan on starting today with a 30 day squat challenge, followed by a 30 day push-up challenge, and either a 30 day plank challenge or sit-up challenge
    • 100 Photos – of myself, of a view, of my dog, of my office. But 100 photos per day (and I’m already behind)
    • Random Acts of Kindness – doesn’t have to be anything big or costly, just something small that would mean something large or small to someone.
    • 30 lbs of weight loss – would LOVE to hit this goal. Not sure if it’s even realistic but hey, it’s a challenge right?
    • Getting Rid of 1 Item per Day – this relates more to my apartment but I will be going through all of my clothes, stuff, decor, etc. and getting rid of one thing per day
    • Getting 8 Hours of Sleep Per Night – this one will probably be the hardest because I just don’t know if this will happen. But I hope that at least 30 days into this, I can get 8 πŸ™‚
  • 100 Days of …
    • No Soda – this has been WAY easier than I expected. I have missed it, kinda of. I have random cravings for a diet coke or diet dr pepper but honestly it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it’d be. I am a little tired of water but I drink unsweet tea like crazy now.
    • No Plastic Straws – this has been going well! I have only used 2 plastic straws this entire time! Yay πŸ™‚
    • 100 miles – yeah….still working on this one
    • Three 30 Day Challenges – I haven’t done well on this. These are hard to remember to do honestly. And when I do remember them, it’s usually at 9pm before I go to bed and I don’t want to amp myself up before falling asleep.
    • 100 Days of Photos – this has been hard because I don’t want to come off vain by posting pictures of myself all the time. But I have probably posted 20 of the almost 30 days.
    • Random Acts of Kindness – this has been quite easy. Small things make a big difference!
    • 30 lbs – I mean, yeah sure.
    • Getting Rid of 1 Item Per Day – I haven’t even done this. But I have a box full of probably 30+ things that I plan on getting rid of.
    • 8 Hour of Sleep – this one has been close. I have been feeling more rested but that probably could be from no sodas πŸ™‚

Yesterday, I was watching a live video on Instragram from Darren and Danielle Nantoni (fitness people) and they were doing a 4 day fast. So I decided to fast for 36 hours – and it was easy! I even went grocery shopping during the fast and wasn’t starving or bought the whole store. I may try to make my Sundays as fast days – it was fun πŸ™‚

I hope you all are having a great week – it’s a hot one in Dallas so trying to get my runs in during the morning before work (yeah that’s going to work).


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