Clean Eating – Week 1

Happy Friday! It’s Friday, right? With July 4th on Wednesday, this has been the weirdest week! I didn’t take off for July 4th but I have been off the past 2 days which has been nice. My mom came to town so we are just bee-boppin around town. It’s nice to take breaks and nice to be with people you love, especially your mom, because it kinda resets you.

So today I am going to give an update from my 30 day clean eating cleanse. And let’s just say I’m doing Whole30 because I’m basically doing everything that they are saying to do haha. It has actually been going really well, surprisingly too well. I thought for sure I’d be starving or dying from no sugar, bread, or dairy but it has honestly been *easy*. I did set myself up for success though by prepping a decent amount so that’s a big part for sure.

I have had some moments where I’m like, hmmm can I have popcorn? Or can I make a cookie with almond flour? And the answer to both…is no! And one thing I ran across what what you call a SWYPO (sex with your pants on) moment. I had never heard it put this way, but it’s basically when you use something as a substitute for something else to make it healthy. Example: using almond flour for baking a cake rather than regular flour. You’re still eating something that’s probably not that great for you. And in my experience, it’s just not the same as the original! So I have been wary of those instances, the only time I think it works is when you use cauliflower for substituting white potatoes.

Anyway, great week so far. Looking forward to a great weekend. This whole 100 days thing has been somewhat challenging but definitely in a good way 😃

Have a great weekend members!

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