100 Day Challenge(s)

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a great week so far. Yesterday, it dawned on me (after I counted and calculated the days) that I have 100 days until my birthday (September 25th). So I thought this year I would take my birthday and the days leading up to it and use them as ways to better myself. So I have created the 100 Days until I’m 28 with the following challenges below:

  • 100 Days of…
    • No Soda (this will kill me because I can throw down on some Diet Cokes)
    • No Plastic Straws (plastic straws was the big reason of my Zero Waste journey and I have really been slacking lately)
    • 100 Miles – run 100 miles total over the 100 days (should be easy right??)
    • Three 30 Day Challenges – so obviously this is only 90 days but I plan on starting today with a 30 day squat challenge, followed by a 30 day push-up challenge, and either a 30 day plank challenge or sit-up challenge
    • 100 Photos – of myself, of a view, of my dog, of my office. But 100 photos per day (and I’m already behind)
    • Random Acts of Kindness – doesn’t have to be anything big or costly, just something small that would mean something large or small to someone.
    • 30 lbs of weight loss – would LOVE to hit this goal. Not sure if it’s even realistic but hey, it’s a challenge right?
    • Getting Rid of 1 Item per Day – this relates more to my apartment but I will be going through all of my clothes, stuff, decor, etc. and getting rid of one thing per day
    • Getting 8 Hours of Sleep Per Night – this one will probably be the hardest because I just don’t know if this will happen. But I hope that at least 30 days into this, I can get 8 🙂

I would love for any of you to join me in the challenges above or your own! I’ll post updates throughout the 100 days on here but also follow my Instagrams to keep up too.

Have a great week everyone – Summer officially begins on Thursday!


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9 thoughts on “100 Day Challenge(s)

  1. This is a great idea! It really keeps you accountable. I know you can do it! The first few weeks of no soda is hard, but soon won’t even miss the stuff. I quit it about three years ago and I haven’t drank a drop since. I feel really good about it! You will see and feel the difference once you give it up! Good luck!

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    1. That’s the one thing I’m nervous about. I was telling one of my friends today that I think I’ve been drinking diet soda for almost 20 years 😬😬
      I know I’ll go through withdrawals for sure. Thanks for the encouragement though!!


      1. If you cut it cold turkey you will feel withdrawl symptoms, which is why I recommend just making small changes throughout the week so eventually you aren’t drinking it at all. Say you swap a soda for water three days this week. Slowly ween yourself off of it.

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  2. A caffeine pill once a day in the mornings might help too. A no-doz gets me going, if you’re just wanting to kick the soda habit. 200 mg (2 cups of coffee). If you’re wanting to kick the caffeine too, never mind lol but it’s a no calorie option and it avoids the headaches. Should be fine by lunch to drink tea or other caffeinated beverage if you so desire. Hope this helps brother!

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