Is working out selfish? Part One

Happy Tuesday! It has been a busy couple of days for me. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there. You should be celebrated everyday 🙂 I’m doing a two part topic this week, with Part 1 today. I have a very hard time with this and want to share my thoughts, maybe even get some of your ideas was well! Here goes…

The older I have gotten and the busier my life gets, I have realized I need to actually carve out time of my day for working out or running. I need to treat it as I would going to work or going to the grocery store. But I don’t always do this – is it because I am actually doing something for myself and I feel weird about it? We’ll see.

I read in an article years ago about a guy who was doing a fasting cleanse. He was doing 10 days of not eating and also trying to workout at the same time. He mentioned something about how his wife and kids were supportive but that he would spend time away from them while they ate or when he went to the gym. One thing he said was that he was making a sacrifice of time with his family now so that he will have more years later. And that got me thinking…what I do today will affect the rest of my life with health and longevity. So what is the true trade off?

I have a pretty non-flexible Monday through Friday, 8:00a-5:30p job. I say non-flexible because I can’t decide to come late one day or leave early one day if I need to – those days have to be one-offs. I also commute 45 minutes each morning and afternoon to and from my job. So that is about 11 hours a day that I spend “at work”. Doesn’t leave a lot of time for other activities. I also live alone. I don’t have kids or significant other. I have a dog that stays at home most days (except for the 2 that I take her to daycare). So I always feel VERY guilty when I have had to stay late or run errands after work. So when does that leave time for me to work out?

You may say, oh well get up early before you have to leave for work. And trust me, that’s what I would prefer but I can barely get up on time for my 8:00a job, ha! I have tried multiple times, I’ve used the building yourself up to get early thing, nothing works. I have accepted I’m no longer a morning person. So that leaves afternoons. But looking at the times above, if I leave at 5:30p and travel for 45 minutes that puts me back home at 6:15p. So then a 30-45 minute workout, puts me home at 7:00p and my dog, Sara, has been home all day since I left at 7:15a/7:30a. And I do feel guilty when I do this. However, I try to go on a long when I get home and then stay up a little later with her. I read somewhere that dogs live more in the day for the day, they don’t really have long-term memory – which make me feel even MORE guilty. (At some point, I would like to take her with me on my runs but she’s not fun to run with and gets distracted easily. So that’s a work in progress.)

BUT after all this said (and a little bit of a guilt rant above), my point is that there is no good time to workout. We all have busy lives. I always think that if I had someone who could help out with Sara, my life would be easier but it wouldn’t. If I was a 2 family income, there are 2 schedules you have to work out. Then add kids…that’s a whole other ballgame. But you have to devote time. Setting a consistent schedule each week and sticking to it, has to be done. It may not be 30 minutes – it could be 7…10. I used to do a great Tae Bo workout back in the day that was 7 minutes long. In my mind, as long as you are making a true effort, that’s what counts.

What are your thoughts? What are some things you do? Do you struggle with this as well?

Part Two to come on Friday…

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