Running to the Beat of your own Drum

Happy Friday! Do you know what that means for me tomorrow? Long Run! I’ll probably only do a 3 miler tomorrow but I’m excited to be back in my training.

Topic today – do you listen to music while you run? If you do, should you stop? If you don’t, should you start?

So this is a little “controversial” mainly because everyone has an opinion on it – and they are all valid. I’m not here to tell you what to do either. I know people that swear to a good run and a good playlist. This article from Active lists a few reasons why you shouldn’t listen to music while running. But, my personal preference…no music. Some of the reasons listed in that article are why I don’t.

For my runs, my breathing is one of the more important things I have to focus on. Breathing obviously helps you run and with endurance, but it helps keep the rhythm with my stride and (even though this sounds weird) I feel like it helps me with my shin splints? I don’t know, maybe it’s more mental. I’ve tried adding in music because let’s be honest, I don’t really enjoy the childbirth-breathing I do when I run. But I either start running too slow or running too fast depending on the tempo.

Another reason I like not having music is I really get to take in my surroundings. I am so bombarded by technology, noises, screens, whatever that it’s a nice break to listen and experience nature. And you usually hear some encouragement from other runners or walkers that you pass. And who doesn’t need extra motivation, right?

Now for my non-run workouts (referring to them as NRWs), I need music. I need something that will pump me up and get me in the mood. I love music for my NRWs that include incline walking on the treadmill. I will go to town on some “Sissy That Walk” by RuPaul when I have my treadmill at a 4.0 speed and 4.0 incline. Yaaaaasssss (ha).

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer music on your runs or not? Have you tried the other? Let me know in the comments below!

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One thought on “Running to the Beat of your own Drum

  1. When i ran, i would breathe in a timing pattern with my steps. Basically creating a beat in my head (i believe this is ingrained in me from marching bank). I would breathe in on step two (left foot) and breathe out on step four with the same foot, steps 1 and 3 were right foot. this would create a 4/4 timing in my head (again band). or sometimes i would do a 6/8 time signature (more like a waltz pattern). if i listened to music, that would throw off my internal beat. Now walking, yes i would listen to some jams too!


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