Food Journal…Use it or not?

Happy Friday and May the Fourth be with you!

It has been a very interesting week for me. I got back into working out and running, work has been busy, and side jobs have been busy. But I can’t complain!

In the midst of all of my craziness, I realized my tracking of food has been very inconsistent. Then I went back through the history of the 2 apps I have used, and I seem to start and stop almost within 3-4 days each time. I know we are always on the go nowadays but with my phone pretty much always at my fingertips, why don’t I use my food journals?

First and biggest reason, laziness. If it was really that important to me, I would do it. It’s not like I don’t see the app because I moved it down to the bottom app menu of my phone. And it’s not like I don’t receive notifications telling me “it looks like you haven’t logged breakfast”. If this was something I really believed in and really wanted to do, I’d do it.

Second reason, if done correctly it’s a true mirror of my eating habits. And that’s scary. If I really counted everything I ate everyday, I would see some patterns that I don’t think I’m actually ready to deal with (emotional, boredom, etc.).

But…do food journals really work? According to almost any blog or fitness article you read, it does. Because it holds you accountable and at the very least, makes you take a second thought about what you are about to put in your mouth.

One thing that has helped me be a little more active in my journaling, is having friends in the app. My sister uses MyFitnessPal and when I see she has logged in for 30 days in a row or burned 320 calories, it motivates me (almost makes me jealous and competitive which helps out too!). If you are looking for some friend motivation, find me on MFP at bigboyrunningclub ! Or Jake Moreland – whichever way works haha.

Do you use a food journal or food app? If so, which work best for you and which hasn’t?

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